Do you feel social pressure?

Mario Puzo, author GodfatherApparently, friendship and money were once said to be like “oil and water” – they just don’t mix. And you just read Puzo’s work or watch a classic movie that inspired it and see how much money can corrupt even in our closest relationship You can (although most financial disputes do not) Pretty Escalate to the point where you put the horse’s head on someone’s bed. )

These are the best conditions to disperse collective spending, Already on track. Inflation, the rate of price increase, rose from 1.5% to 2.1% in May.

Therefore, unless you are a misanthropic hermit, expect to receive messages, emails, phone calls, and date storage cards over the next few months and be invited to various social opportunities. No one will blame you for wanting to say “yes” to every offer. Who isn’t anxious to be trapped indoors, deprived of quality contact with others, and reconnecting and having fun?

There is a risk of rushing to make a regrettable decision. According to a recent survey of money app Yolt Since the restrictions began to be relaxed, our 3 million people are already spending more than we can afford.. All the good work of paying off £ 16 billion in debt during the blockage could be canceled in the coming months.

Ultimately, it is our relationship that suffers. Parents who want to stay like a hyacinth bucket, siblings who bring out the continuity of competition, colleagues who inspire the envy of Kitchen Island, or friends who unknowingly drive us into debt so they can go to the rooftop bar You may be indignant with them.

Everyone has a unique, ever-changing financial situation. In other words, William Shakespeare, some were born wealthy, some gained wealth, and some were imposing wealth. Some are wealthy for their careers and families, while others are inheriting from premature bereavement or accident compensation.

You may be reluctant to tell someone that you can’t afford a particular trip, or to go home earlier than anyone else to save money. But people are not mind leaders. They may not realize that their proposal is out of your budget. If you explain your situation, you will feel very good.

The beaches of Germany are lined with about women. 1926. Roaring Twenties prophecies are needed for businesses of all sizes (Photo: Getty / Kirn Vintage Stock / Corbis)

Take conversations offline and interact with people on a one-on-one basis, if possible. No one wants a bust up. WhatsApp group. Always thank you for your invitation and see if you can make adjustments or compromises.

It also helps you to anticipate and be proactive with ridiculous suggestions on the pass with cheaper options. This will take more time and effort, but will save you money (and frustration) in the long run.

Now that museums and galleries are reopeningBut without many global tourists, these would be great, affordable places to visit with friends and family this summer if you stick to free space.

You can always socialize in the great outdoors without doing anything, especially if you have a frugal picnic. Also, when exercising with others, you can kill multiple birds with one stone, take responsibility for your health goals, and stay connected without spending money.

Set social limits and plan ahead. The classic recommendation is to take only cash when you go out to avoid overspending. But in this era of Covid’s secure payments, it seems increasingly unrealistic. One option is I have another debit or prepaid card where I can put money in advance.. Another is to try a financial chatbot like Cleo. This will give you harsh love (albeit through funny gifs) when you go outboard.

Digital bank Monzo wants to build on its high-copy gambling blocks to stop customers from using casinos and bettors, as well as other merchants. Perhaps in the future, financial technology will not be judged by how much it enables our spending, but by how much it helps us control it. Let’s do it.

Don’t get me wrong. Sound cash management is not about saving all your cash. It is to create an economic space for the good of life. If you can’t (or don’t) use it in a way that improves your life, what’s the point of taking care of your money?

But this is also about spending your hard-earned money on your terms, within your boundaries. Real friends and loved ones respect you more.

Do you feel social pressure?

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