DK Oyster tells couple ‘you should have checked menu’ after £335 bill

Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex hit out at DK Oyster over ‘rip off’ prices (Photo: Kennedy News)

The owner of a Greek restaurant accused of slapping tourists with sky-high bills for a few drinks or snacks is fighting to defend his ‘honour’.

DK Oyster hit headlines this week after a Canadian couple on their honeymoon said they were charged €400 (£335) for a beer, an Aperol spritz and a dozen oysters.

Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex said the staff didn’t show them a drink menu with prices on it and kept trying to bring things to their table they didn’t ask for.

A quick look at TripAdvisor will show many one-star reviews from unhappy customers with similar grievances.

Dimitrios Kalamaras, who owns the oyster bar in Mykonos, has finally broken his silence and has defended his prices, boasting that they are simply ‘out of the budget’ of some of his visitors.

He fired back at Lindsay, claiming she was an ‘influencer who became famous’ from highlighting her shocking account.

Dimitrios said that “dozens” of similar “false” claims on TripAdvisor say that staff refused to provide a menu with prices on it, he decided to place three black boards at the entrance displaying them.

Owner Dimitrios Kalamaras says false claims are being left on TripAdvisor and some people are trying to wrangle free food from the restaurant (Image: Kennedy News / Dimitrios Kalamaras)

He also states that customers should ask a manager to discuss the price before ordering and that it would be ‘ridiculous’ to explain the menu to every customer who walks in.

Dimitrios also says that ‘no adult in their right mind’ would order a drink without first seeing how much it costs.

He says he doesn’t intend to explain why they charge more than a supermarket or a traditional taverna, proclaiming that the ‘concept’ of DK Oyster is completely different.

‘Unfortunately, all of us who work in the hospitality industry have been approached by notorious “influencers” who, instead of making a living by advertising products and services to their audience, pressure certain companies for exorbitant fees and free meals,’ he said. .

‘In DK Oyster we have advertised in the ways we think are suitable for our restaurant and we will not succumb to the influencers who have been attracted by the beautiful island of Mykonos.’

Lindsay and Alex claim they weren’t shown an appropriate drinks menu and say staff tried to bring them items they didn’t ask for (Photo: Kennedy News and Media)

Dimitrios said Lyndsay was ‘trying to become famous through Instagram posts’, although she doesn’t seem to have a big presence online.

He says that every time he receives a complaint on TripAdvisor, he consults with staff, adding: ‘They have always assured me that they abide by the rules.

‘So I used TripAdvisor to encourage our guests to always browse the menu and prices carefully.

‘I cannot stop every person from entering our buildings and explaining the meaning of such a practice.

‘Unfortunately there are people on TripAdvisor who openly encourage guests to come, eat and drink whatever they want and then refuse to pay the bill.

‘I understand that some people may find our prices beyond their budget and I fully respect their opinion, even if they do not appreciate the value of our services, cuisine, concept and experience.

Lindsay claimed that Alex, a carpenter, was taken to a back room to pay and when he asked for an error, they showed him their computer screen which was all in Greek.

The recruiter says her new husband settled the bill without argument because he felt intimidated and just wanted out of here.

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DK Oyster tells couple 'you should have checked menu' after £335 bill

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