Dizzee Rascal “pushes ex to earth” during baby custody dispute, court said

According to the court, Dizzee Rascal “put his foreboding” against his ex Cassandra Jones and “pushed her to the ground” during a “chaotic” dispute over their son’s custody.

The trial against the 37-year-old rapper began today, Friday, February 18 pleaded not guilty in September 2021 after he was accused of assaulting a woman at a house in Statham, south London, on 8 June.

Earlier, Met Police said a woman “reported minor injuries” but “did not need hospital treatment.”

The hitmaker of Bonkers and Dance Wiv Me has already appeared in Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court, where prosecutor Helena Duong explained that the incident took place in the “context of a domestic dispute” over contact with children.

The trial against Dizzee Rascal began after he was accused of assault

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The court heard Dizzy and Cassandra, who have two children together and had been together for nine years before their separation in February 2021, quarreled when he left their daughter in the house.

Duong claims that Dizzy “cursed” on the phone when he was late to leave their daughter and when Cassandra said she could not enter the property, he pulled her out of the way to enter the house with her son in her arms. mu ”.

The prosecutor continued to claim that the rapper entered the kitchen where Cassandra Dawn Kirk’s mother was and started “screaming and screaming”.

The court heard Cassandra film it, while the prosecutor continued: “The crown says so [the film] shows him raising his voice to Mrs. Kirk as he holds his son under his arms.

The court heard Dizzy hit his head "three times in the refrigerator"
Court hears Dizzy hit his head “three times in the fridge”

“The crown says he was very angry and started behaving chaotically, hitting his head three times in the refrigerator with his son in his arms.”

Duong claims that Cassandra tried to call the police, but failed after Dizzy grabbed her phone. “Mrs. Jones wanted to take her son away from him,” she said.

The court then heard Dizzy “touch his forehead on hers and push her around the room,” to which Cassandra shouted, “Get away from me,” in response.

During a phone landing, Dizzy “pushed her to the ground and she landed on her elbows” while holding their daughter, and the shouts were so loud that neighbors were alerted to the situation, the court said.

Cassandra Jones "she wanted to take her son away from him"
Cassandra Jones “wanted to take her son away from him”

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The prosecutor added that this was “a rather chaotic scene of movement around the house”.

Sally Bennett-Jenkins, defending Dizzy during the trial, denied that the rapper had hit his head on the refrigerator in the house, but Cassandra insisted he did.

Bennett-Jenkins then said that in Cassandra’s statement regarding the alleged attack in October, she did not mention “pressure”.

She added that the trial was the first time Cassandra said she had held her daughter during the alleged attack.

CROIDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Musician Dylan Mills, stage name Dizzee Rascal, arrives at the court of Croydon Magistrates on September 3, 2021 in Croydon, England. In a statement, metropolitan police said Dylan Mills, 36, of Sevenoaks, Kent, was charged with assault following an incident at a residential address in Street on June 8. (Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)
Dizzy’s defense denied that he had hit his head in the refrigerator

The defense went on to ask Cassandra if it was right that she had become “very emotional” when he returned to the property with their daughter, to which she replied, explaining that she was calm but had become emotional because she was “afraid of their children “.

Cassandra also admitted that in a statement she gave on the day of the alleged attack, she did not say that Dizzy “threw me to the floor” – but explained that the difference was in one word.

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Dizzee Rascal "pushes ex to earth" during baby custody dispute, court said

Source link Dizzee Rascal "pushes ex to earth" during baby custody dispute, court said

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