Diversity returns to BGT and again to its knees after causing 20,000 Ofcom complaints in 2020.

Diversity is back to Britain is looking for talent a stage for a semi-final live performance, choosing to kneel again in a huge and challenging show.

The dance troupe’s last appearance on the show in 2020 garnered more than 20,000 complaints to Ofcom, following a performance at the Black Lives Matter protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

In homage to the horrific case, Ashley Banjo he had knelt on his neck by a white dancer dressed as a policeman before the group knelt during the routine.

Their powerful routine has provoked mixed reactions from viewers, with many praising them for using their platform to share an important message, while others say it is too political for national television.

Diversity knelt for the second time on its return to Britain’s Got Talent

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There have been 24,500 complaints filed with Ofcom since their appearance on the show, making it one of the most complained of on television in the UK.

This time, their routine focuses on the social media message and connectivity, but also focuses on the aftermath of their latest routine – with footage of it appearing on the screen after headlines about Ofcom’s presentation and complaints, all the while it’s raining flooded the performers.

A voice-over said, “Exposing this type of relationship can change your whole outlook. It fills you with hope and joy. Sometimes it fills you with struggle and pain.

The band fell to their knees when headlines appeared on the screen, talking about the complaints from their last performance

“You know what I learned, you can’t be mad at the rain. He just doesn’t know how to rain this rain and sometimes people love you, sometimes they complain.

“You stand by what you believe in if you want to make a change. Nothing but love for those who stood by our name.”

The performance received a standing ovation in the BGT studio, with many turning to social media to express their opinion and support the band.

One Twitter user wrote: “Again another exclusive show from @Diversity_Tweet. I’m so glad we made a comeback to this show where there were a lot of completely stupid complaints. Keep saying it like it’s #BGT.”

The show talks about the impact of social media and connectivity on society

Another praised the group’s decision to defend its position, writing: “The great diversity that did not change its position.”

A third agreed, saying: “People who find Diversity boring or annoying because they talk about competition issues have the privilege of not worrying about these issues in the first place. #BGT is so happy to stand their ground.

The final of Britain’s Got Talent will be broadcast on Sunday, June 5, at 7.30 pm on ITV.

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Diversity returns to BGT and again to its knees after causing 20,000 Ofcom complaints in 2020.

Source link Diversity returns to BGT and again to its knees after causing 20,000 Ofcom complaints in 2020.

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