Director Ridley Scott knows we can escape, so we immerse us in an elite world where it’s fun to live.

Joyce Glasser Review House of Gucci (November 26, 2021) Certificate 15,158 minutes.

From small screen to large screen, dynasty, crown When Inheritance NS Godfather, Knife out When Many saints of Newark, Family power grabs are appealing to the masses.Even the title of the underlying source material is Sarah Gay Forden’s book Gucci House: A sensational story of murder, madness, charm and greed, I will explain the main charm in detail. After all, most people have a family, and if you don’t have a family business, you have property and inheritance to be contested. And no one does this as sensationally as the ultra-rich.

It’s hot on the heels Last dual – Ridley Scott’s true story about brutal property dispute resolution in medieval England – 84-year-old director House of Gucci.. The title emphasizes the movie theme that home is not home. And this family feud has the additional bonus of introducing a brand that most people have heard or seen, even if it isn’t owned.

Viewers over the age of 40 know the results, but suspense is hidden in the details. And, like Shakespeare’s tragedy, inevitable self-harm until a corporate outsider, like the Norwegian warrior Fortinbras, arrives to investigate and order the bloody scenes of Hamlet’s murder. Seeing the collapse of action unfolds gives a dramatic irony.

The first half of the film, which began in Milan in 1978, focuses on the temptation of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), a law student who is the son of Rodolfo (Jeremy Irons) and the nephew of Aldo (Al Pacino). I am. Enjoyed the rewards of their father’s leather business and contributed to it in their way. Rodolfo is a creative purist with strict standards of design and reliability. Meanwhile, Aldo is constantly seeking ways to commercialize its brand, creating a “legal” counterfeit business that sells copies in the street market.

Growing up in this atmosphere (former actor Rodolfo sitting in his mansion and watching an old movie on a projector), calm, innocent and perfectly dressed Maurizio wants it. I’m not. But his surname is Gucci, and the sexy and knowledgeable Patrizia Regiani (Lady Gaga), who works in the truck business linked to her father’s mafia, wants it all.

They meet at a party where she is an invited outsider who doesn’t even know the host of society. She realized she would never see this nasty dancer with Gucci’s name again, and she stalked him and took him to a bookstore. Patrizia admits that Maurizio is tired of reading as he collects law books. After Patrizia seduces Maurizio on a rowing boat, he invites her to her father’s lunch. There she mistakes the famous Klimt for Picasso.

When Rodolfo asks her about her interests, she replies, “Well, I’m a very sociable person,” and we immediately see that she’s Aldo, a friend, Kajol, and Aldo’s Bati son Paolo (inspiration). Got, in the case of an increasingly annoying performance from Jared Leto, who thinks he’s a great designer and, like Lady Macbeth, will manipulate Maurizio to be something he never wanted to be).

Rodolfo discouraged Maurizio’s enthusiasm for Patrizia and pointed out that she was a gold mine digger, but he didn’t see it. And for her honor, with a subtle and perfectly judged performance, A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga seems to love Maurizio. If love means wanting the best for your partner and wanting to maximize his potential, her love is endless.

When Aldo hands two Concorde tickets to New York for the opening of a new Gucci store, it’s Aldo going to Maurizio through his wife. She uses the power of physical temptation to persuade Maurizio to attend the opening. There, you can shop and give Aldo whatever you want to satisfy your desires.

Of course, Aldo underestimates Patrizia. Fortune-teller Giuseppeina Auriema (Salma Hayek) will be a cheerleader and an accomplice to the crime at the agreed price.

Therefore, with Rodolfo’s death, Maurizio’s modest lawyer, business adviser, and right-hand man Domenico des Sole (Jack Huston) pointed out that Patrizia had to act because Rodolfo hadn’t signed half of the company’s stock certificates. Did. You have to wait for the effects of her actions to catch up with her.

Patrizia’s strategy is to divide the family and turn one to the other so that only Maurizio remains. And the birth of a baby daughter helps keep Maurizio obedient, even though he is wary of Maurizio actively interfering with his affairs. And despite Maurizio’s protests and warnings, he was dragged into her plans, and she tended to carry out without his knowledge, and had no choice but to tolerate him.

Aldo did not keep his low opinion on his son Paolo secret, and Paolo retaliated, paving the way for Patrizia to send Aldo out for tax evasion at his New York store. Then she makes an evil plan to deceive Paolo, who is planning to create a new sectarian brand. But businesses are losing money and no one of Europe’s top design talents wants to join competitors, especially toxic brands, limited by their image.

Tom Ford (Reeve Carney) persuades Maurizio to present a Gucci clothing collection to a young man unknown from Texas and buys bankrupt Paolo and Aldo when released from prison. I found a collection of luxury goods for. But this well-run company began to scrutinize Maurizio’s extravagant lifestyle, just as Maurizio abandoned Patrizia and found comfort with his old friend (Camille Cottin).

Hell does not have the anger of a despised female. If the first half of the movie is Maurizio’s temptation, the second half is a musical chairs game, leaving only one person.

This is a movie that is easier to admire than love, as there are no characters to really care about and the inevitability of a downward spiral. But Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino’s stunning performances, stunning sets and stunning production designs, stunning costumes and fascinating wealth exhibits know when we’ll be out. End credits roll back, drawing you into an elite world where it’s fun to live just because you’re.

Director Ridley Scott knows we can escape, so we immerse us in an elite world where it’s fun to live.

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