Did Kourtney Kardashian have surgery?

Since its rise in fame, the Kardashian family has faced many questions from fans who speculate whether they have had plastic surgery.

Kourtney Kardashian stopped rumors A retrospective photo of her and her sisters posted on Instagram.


Fans often ask if Cardassian had plastic surgery

Did Kourtney Kardashian have surgery?

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, a series of throwback images of Kardashian sisters Courtney, Chloe, and Kim were uploaded to an Instagram account that was deleted under the name “popculture angel.”

The account captioned the photo: “Kardashian Fuss before they became’Kardashian Fuss’.”

One user commented on the image, speculating that the three sisters were under the knife for plastic surgery, based on the photo. They write: “The only thing that didn’t really change was the coat.”

However, another user responded to the comment, claiming that Courtney did the job.

“Courtney underwent a lot of surgery! She did it in a very natural way, not changing functionality, but still complementing her functionality,” the user writes.

“Botox, nose surgery, some kind of bat shot or BBL is just getting started.”

Courtney responded quickly to the comments, saying, “Thank you for the real compliments, butt shots, and Brazilian butt lifts.

“And you were just getting started,” she wrote.

Courtney appears to have denied that the comments did the implied work, but she previously admitted to undergoing plastic surgery.

Kardashian’s oldest sister underwent breast augmentation surgery at the age of 21.

She admitted that she regretted the surgery and was even thinking about getting rid of them.

“I completed my boobs, but if I could get back, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. It used to be very cute,” Courtney told Showbiz Spy in 2011.

“I’ve noticed that I have a particular view and I’m considering removing them.”

Is Kourtney Kardashian married?

Kourtney Kardashian has never been married.She is now Engaged To Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Prior to Travis, Courtney dated several other men.

She is most famous for having a relationship with Scott Disick for almost a decade. The two share three children, Mason, Penelope, and Rain.

In December 2015, Courtney was associated with Justin Bieber, according to sources. The two are allegedly “hooked up”.

She began dating Algerian model Younes Bendjima in 2016 and broke up almost two years later.

Following her split with Yunes, Courtney was once again associated with the young man.with her Luka Sabbat It started to be seen together frequently throughout 2018.

In January 2021, it was confirmed that he was dating a 42-year-old Travis.

Kourtney Kardashian is engaged to Travis Barker


Kourtney Kardashian is engaged to Travis BarkerCredits: Instagram @kourtneykardash

What is Kourtney Kardashian’s net worth?

according to Celebrity Network, Courtney’s estimated net worth is approximately $ 65 million.

The outlet estimates her annual income at about $ 10 million.

Besides the time spent catching up with the Kardashian family’s turmoil and its various spin-offs, Courtney is also a business owner.

Before the show began, Courtney and her mother opened a children’s clothing boutique called Smooth in Los Angeles and New York.

Later, Kardashian’s three sisters opened clothing boutiques DASH in Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

In 2018, Courtney released a collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics’ sister.

She launched Poosh, a lifestyle and wellness website, on March 5, 2019.

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Did Kourtney Kardashian have surgery?

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