Did Ariana Grande remove her Twitter?

SLEUTHS couldn’t help noticing that Ariana Grande wasn’t on Twitter. Singers usually access the platform to interact with their fans and promote their projects.

As the singer participates in various initiatives, online users quickly wonder why Grande has disabled his official Twitter account.


From her music career to acting, releasing her own cosmetics line, and taking on the role of coach for The Voice, Ariana Grande has a lot to advertise on social media sites such as Twitter.

Did Ariana Grande remove her Twitter?

Ariana Grande’s Twitter account was significantly deactivated on Friday, December 24, 2021.

She hasn’t tweeted about her many career moves, but she still attaches great importance to posting on Instagram.

The last few Instagram posts on Grande mention her role as NBC’s The Voice coach and the promotion of her and Kid Cudi’s singles.

The singer has various media ventures.

Just Look Up, Her New Song Kid Cudi Released in December as part of the Don’t Look Up movie soundtrack.

Performers too Launched a cosmetics line In November.

What did the fans say about the disappearance of Ariana Grande’s Twitter account?

A fan of Ariana Grande, who she calls an arianator, wondered why she disabled her account.

One fan mentioned Grande’s future role in the adaptation of the Wicked movie she will play Glinda, Goodwitch.

“How to act for Glinda. Oz doesn’t have Twitter, baby,” said the fan.

“I really hope she’s okay, and I don’t blame her at all. This app is toxic,” another user said.

“A new era is coming,” another user said.

What is Ariana Grande’s controversy over The Voice?

Ariana Grande was accused Cultural appropriation December 2021 after Instagram photo shoot Disseminate on social media Her hair was darker than usual and her skin looked bright.

Many social media users claimed that Grande was fishing in Asia and waited for her to deal with it in an episode of The Voice.

Like black fishing, Asian fishing is when non-Asian people try to show themselves.

This action, This is often seen as fetishizing and sexualizing Asian culture, usually done using make-up to enhance East Asian character or using photo editing.

Ariana of Italian descent has posted and deleted a series of photos from her recent shoot.

Ariana continues to post photos, memes, and other new photo shoots that promote The Voice to Instagram without allowing previous photo shoots.

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Did Ariana Grande remove her Twitter?

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