Detect the Problem, Implement the Right Solution to Unlock a Disabled iPad

Are you unable to access the iPad? Is it because you have implemented too many passcodes for unlocking the device? Or, your kid might have inserted incorrect passwords unknowingly, which has disabled it? Or, maybe you are using the device right after repairing some of its defective parts, then the service experts might have somehow changed the password? Whatever the reason is behind such an occurrence, not knowing how to deal with this situation can be nerve-wracking.

Apple, being a leading device manufacturer, has incorporated high-security measures for preventing unauthorized users from accessing the device. So, when you enter an incorrect password more than 6-7 times, iOS will automatically think that someone is trying to invade privacy and will disable it for the user’s safety and security. And, after numerous repetitive attempts, even if you remember the passcode suddenly, you have to wait for a while to unlock the device.

Usually, after entering the wrong passcode for the 6th time, you will be given 1 minute for inserting the right password again within 1 minute. After each failed attempt, you will be provided with a time limit of 10-30minutes for inserting the right passcode. If you do not remember the passcode even after the 10th attempt, a “connect to iTunes” message will display on the screen. This simply implies that you can’t further access the device and perform the necessary activities, such as making an important call or texting.

So, you might have somehow disabled the device? But, do you have any feasible solution to unlock it? Then, here are a few effective solutions that you can implement to access the device again.

Backup is Essential!

If you can’t remember the passcode, then there is only one way to regain access to the iPad. Yes! You have to reset the device and erase all the device data; this will aid in removing the pre-inserted passcode as well. But, you must have important media files, contacts, or messages stored in the device, and every iOS user will prefer taking a backup before resetting the device.

If you regularly take backup of the stored information, accessing iTunes or iCloud, then you won’t have to fret about losing any files or documents. But if you don’t do so, for protecting and restoring the data from iPad to PC or laptop, connect with iTunes or iCloud.

You can also take help from the Recovery mode of iOS for unlocking the device. So, now that you know about these three procedures to regain access to the iPad let’s see how to implement them successfully.

iTunes is Ideal for Resetting the iPad

Have you ever synced the data using iTunes or Finder? Then, consider using this solution for instant data recovery. Additionally, for iOS users who haven’t yet enabled the “Find my iPad” option, iTunes is an ideal option for them for immediate data restoration. But make sure you have a high-functioning USB cable and a PC, which won’t cause any interruption during the backup process.

Take a Data Backup First!

Do you have a defective USB cable? Then consider going through the “iPad Repair near me” search immediately for promptly replacing the USB cable. After that, proceed with the backup process and make sure you have selected and transferred the required apps, music, movies, or photos on the computer.

A factory reset can efficiently erase the device settings of the iOS devices, but only when you have the latest version of iTunes. So, before starting the restoration process, make sure the operating system of the PC or Mac device is up-to-date.

Now, simply follow these below-mentioned instructions for taking a backup first, using iTunes:

Can you see the “Back Up Now” option? Simply consider tapping on that for initiating the sync process. You might have to provide the correct password of the iPad that you have previously set for unlocking the device. Once you insert the right iPad passcode, you will be prompted with a “Cancel” option. Consider choosing that if you no longer need a device backup once the iPad gets unlocked after entering the right passcode.

Restore the iPad have Become Easier with iTunes

If the above-mentioned backup trick doesn’t help you to unlock the device, then simply consider resetting the passcode by restoring the iPad. Thinking about how you can restore the device after accessing iTunes?

Here is how can you restore the device and fix the disabled iPad immediately:

Wait! Hold on! Don’t disconnect the USB cable from the computer because the restoration process might take a while. After the completion of the data restoration, the iPad will start to reboot. Right after that, the device will appear just like you bought it. Now, you have to simply set a new password that will be easy to remember.

Recovery Mode — An Ultimate Option for Fixing a Disabled iPad

Being a pre-eminent device manufacturer, Apple has enforced effective built-in features, and Recovery mode is one of them. These sorts of high-end features help the users to fix an iPad that has certainly become disabled. Even recovery mode plays a pivotal role in fixing the iOS device that has become completely unresponsive.

With the assistance of this iOS feature, you can easily reset the device to its default setting. But, this troubleshooting process is only applicable for the users who have iPadOS 13 and iTunes 12.8 or later versions.

Are you using a computer for resetting the iPad? Then, make sure it has the latest operating system (Windows 10) for a hassle-free recovery. And, of course, the Mac device users also need to check if they have the latest operating system {macOS Catalina (10.15)}.

But, before we proceed to the steps to force the device to get into the Recovery Mode, make sure you have opted for a forced restart. And, the steps to force restart the device are completely different for the iPads with or without a home button.

For the Users who Have an iPad with a Home Button

To start with, you have to slightly hold and press both the Home and top buttons simultaneously. Did the Apple logo appear on the iPad screen? Then, release both these buttons immediately; this simply means you have successfully forced restart of the device.

For the iPad Owners without a Home Button

If you have bought an iPad that has a Face ID, then you have to initially hold and immediately release the Volume Up and Volume Down button. Right after that, slightly press and release the top button for an instant force restart.

Now, it’s time to follow this below-mentioned step-by-step guideline to force the device for getting into the Recovery Mode:

When the Recovery screen appears on the computer or Mac screen, look for the iOS device that you have accidentally locked. Tap on the “Update” option right after that, wait a bit until the update process is complete. Now, simply move to the setup process, and from there, you can provide another iPad passcode; that’s pretty simple.

Still Unable to Unlock the iPad? Consider Resetting the Passcode using iCloud

If your iPad has become completely unable to access, then you can again unlock it through iCloud. Simply log into the iCloud account using a computer or Mac and provide the right login credentials. Right after that, choose the “Find My iPhone” option and choose the right iPad model and tap on the “Erase iPad” option; that’s it. You can now re-access the device and even set up a new password without any hassle.

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