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Designing the Perfect Office Space

Curating the best environment for work is one of the most important things that an employee can do to ensure both productivity and positivity for their employees. The working atmosphere and environment plays a big part in the overall feel and representation of a company as a whole, both for the workforce and for visitors too. Innovative office designs and ideas that have been appearing around the world challenge the previous way in which offices were planned and created and the evolution is fascinating to see. What factors are influencing this evolution? And what can you do to design the best space for your team? Let’s find out.

Office or Garden?

Modern workers want a space that has good air quality, a good amount of natural daylight and a warm, acoustic ambience. People work well in well lit, light and airy spaces that reflect the generation today and their desire to connect with nature. Make sure to include wide window wherever you can and if natural light is limited, installing warm lighting that is easy on the eyes and good for the brain. Add some indoor plants to the scenery to create a green glow that will encourage productivity. Plan the ceiling design with this idea in mind, utilising a high ceiling when you can to create a feeling of freedom and space. Centuries ago, churches and important buildings were built with immensely tall ceilings to move people to look up and feel a sense of wonder. Channel that same motivation with high ceilings in an office space too.

Office or Café?

Another unlikely source of inspiration that is influencing the offices of today is that of a local café. Many workers today view a local café as another office anyway, so they are likely to feel comfortable, and motivated, in an office environment that reflects aspects of this relaxing café culture and atmosphere. How can you recreate the relaxed atmosphere of a café in your office? Show an understanding of your employees by encouraging and even scheduling mental breaks. Allow workers to take regular breaks – although it sounds like less work gets done, they will actually be more productive when it comes time to get their head down and get back to work. Create an open plan office, with modern furniture and common workplaces to get the feel of an inviting coffee shop. Add some colour with some feature walls or artwork to encourage creative and motivate your office staff.

Balancing Aesthetics with Practicality

 It can be a fine line when it comes to creating an office space that is inviting, yet professional, attractive yet practical. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and take your time when planning these kinds of changes. Better yet, get the help of a professional. Industry experts like that of Western Industrial are experienced in their field and will help you find the balance of feel-good design with practical considerations. With this kind of expertise behind you, you can create a space that captures and retains the best talent and convey to your workers just how much you care about them and their work wellbeing.

A Changing Scene

 The world of work is changing constantly, and it needs to adapt to the needs and demands of workers. Gone are the days of hierarchy architecture, where bosses occupied lavish top floor offices while less paid staff were crammed into cubicles. Embrace the future and make your employees feel valued and cared for my implementing the ideas that are generating a new era of office work. Create a space that’s pleasant to work in and you will be sure to see the benefits.

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