Design Yourself: Blockade Fuel for Up-and-coming Home Stylist Soars

We may be the country of DIYers, but many of us also make bolder design decisions.

Blockade Surrounded by the same four walls and furniture, we spent more time, accelerating the trend of home renovation.

This interest has led many to consider becoming a professional. The Inchbald School of Design (, which runs many courses from one-day online events to three-year diplomas, inquires about student interior design courses.

DIY Boom: The blockade spurred a tendency to renovate homes as they spent more time surrounded by the same four walls and furniture.

“The idea of ​​learning how to design and create dynamic interiors is increasingly fascinating,” says school principal Alan Hughes. “It’s about taking on new creative challenges.”

Inspiring interiors are pervasive throughout the social media platform, making design easier to implement.

We are all looking for a more confident way to decorate — and if you follow some simple rules it’s easy …

Go back to the basics

“Instagram has a lot of people paneling walls, hacking Ikea cabinets, and painting on UPVC doors and windows,” said the author of the household goods editor Design Storey ( Says Kate Watson-Smyth, co-founder and founder.

“But it’s important to start with the bones. Keep in mind that cheap sofas can be lifted on large floors, but expensive chairs are unloaded with laminate.

“Similarly, good lighting not only enhances great furniture, but also hides areas you don’t want to focus on.”

Floors, walls and lighting are the Holy Grail of interior architecture, and it makes sense to focus on them first. Next, pay attention to the touch points.

“Replace the white plastic switches and sockets with feature metal or versions that match other decorations,” says Kate.

‘Play on a scale; when it comes to rugs and plants, buy the biggest one you can always get and get a luxurious look right away.

Soft touch

Fabrics have the ability to change the energy of space with their colors, textures and patterns.

The secret to creating a room of interest is layering. “When it comes to fabrics,” interior designer and textile specialist Alexandra Morrall ( said: Mix cushions of different textures, prints and colors, choose a softly collected lampshade, or hang a Suzani tribal fabric behind the sofa.

The cushion is an inner that is 1 inch larger than the cover itself, preferably feathers, which makes it easy to look good and is ideal for a plump pillow that looks great on Instagram.

Switch it

Replacing the handlewear or the front of the cupboard is a game changer. HØLTE ( specializes in hand-finished plywood or wooden veneer kitchen cupboard fronts and countertops for Ikea and other high street cabinet carcasses.

Ask the manufacturer for something else. Decorative artist Natasha Mann ( is a hand-painted design inspired by Moroccan Zouaq geometric paintings that can change anything from ceilings to door panels.

Show your love on the shelves. Display books both vertically and horizontally — add interest and depth, while studding arrangements with glass, ceramic, or wood sculptures.

“I like to put my work in three,” says interior designer Omar Bhatti ( “For example, three different sized vases gather together with flower stems to create a natural vignette.”

Whether it’s a chair or a mirror, vintage and unexpected works always give a relaxed and distinctive atmosphere.

It also applies to small items such as colorful Murano glass and vintage ceramic vases. Rebecca Arts ( is an excellent source of information for such one-off accessories.

Happy app

There are many user-friendly, affordable (and in some cases free) phone apps to help you design.

For example, Roomstyler 3D Home Planner ( creates floor plans that can be served using a real brand. Homestyler ( allows users to take pictures of their rooms and use tools to experiment with wall colors and furniture. And decoration.

The internet can also help you find a new look for your room. Oka comes with a cushion arranger tool that allows you to drag and drop different designs onto your sofa (

Ask for help

Helps you know when to use expert advice for imaginative inputs as well as major works.

“My clients send us photos and ideas and challenge us to create a more meaningful and exciting space than ever before,” said designer Stuffan Tallgard ( say.

John Lewis offers a 90-minute free session with in-house stylists as part of its home design service. Heal’s ( has a free interior planning service.

You will be ready to become a professional before you know it.

What your home really needs is … Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall is a collection of small photographs, photographs, posters and prints grouped for maximum effect in halls, living rooms and cloakrooms.

You may not be able to cultivate your ambitions to become a museum curator, but now your home needs a gallery wall to provide you with fashionable and quirky elegance.

The Gallery Wall is a collection of small photos, photos, posters and prints grouped for maximum effect.

The Gallery Wall is a collection of small photos, photos, posters and prints grouped for maximum effect.

It’s also an opportunity to get the most out of artwork that isn’t individually influential, but has its awesome elements together.

To achieve cohesion, select works of the same hue (group of flower and leaf prints in the photo) or use only one color frame.

The IKEA frame selection includes Fiskbo and Hovsta, starting at £ 1.50 (

Images of similar themes (landscapes, portraits, travel) are a great combination.

The London Transport Museum shop stocks copies of retro posters, starting at £ 5 (

If you are determined to be your own gallerist, antiques and charity shops should bring the right gallery wall-worthy discoveries.

Ann Ashworth

Design Yourself: Blockade Fuel for Up-and-coming Home Stylist Soars

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