Des O’Connor’s daughter sues Met Police after a detective who called her “incredibly hot” kept her job | United Kingdom news

The daughter of the late artist Des O’Connor is taking legal action against the Sofia police after a detective who told her she was “surprisingly hot” during an investigation received permission to keep her job.

Christina O’Connor received a number of inappropriate messages from Chief Detective James Mason after he responded to her report of an attempted robbery.

The senior police officer invited her to dinner while taking her statement about the incident in which she was attacked by a group of men trying to steal her phone in October 2011.

Christina O’Connor in the photo with her father Des. Photo: Twitter / @tarantwina

DCI Mason, who continued to work with Climate Commissioner Lady Cressida Dick, then sent Ms. O’Connor a series of personal emails, including one telling her she was “amazingly hot.”

Following her complaint against DCI Mason, who was a detective sergeant at the time of the incident, he was found guilty of gross misconduct last year at a police hearing for misconduct.

IN I met the police confirmed that he remained an active-duty official, and Ms O’Connor’s lawyers are now seeking a judicial review of the way the investigation has been conducted.

They say the forces “failed to properly investigate” the complaint as a case of gender discrimination.

Ms O’Connor, now 33, said: “I don’t trust the police anymore. I feel that I am as likely to be mistreated by a police officer as anyone else, and perhaps even more likely, because I have seen that police officers can harm people with impunity.

“I’m afraid of having to call or rely on the police.

“I feel horrified that the officer in question is still serving.” I doubt what it takes to fire an officer. This makes a mockery of the process of misconduct that he continues to serve. “

This is the latest in a series of controversies facing police, whose commissioner Lady Cressida was “forewarned” by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, spoke to the media after taking part in a walk with police officers around Westminster, London.
The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, had paid attention to Lady Cressida Dick

The forces are facing severe criticism after PC Wayne Cousins ​​kidnapped, raped and killed 33-year-old Sarah Everard last March.

Independent Police Behavior Service (IOPC) report this week revealed a very offended language used on WhatsApp and Facebook chats by employees of an already disbanded Westminster-based team, mostly at the Charing Cross Police Department.

Attorney Nancy Collins said Ms. O’Connor’s case pointed to “more than just a rotten apple” in police.

She said: “(Mrs. O’Connor) was subjected to this horrible misogynistic culture, which meant that she suffered this violence from the officer investigating her crime.

When she then decided to take a step forward and complain about it, Met – I think the culture of misogyny is so deeply rooted – failed to recognize that her complaint raised questions of sexual discrimination and, we say, is not investigate it adequately. “

When Ms O’Connor attended the misconduct hearing, she felt “very excluded” after being left waiting in the building, after the committee returned home after making its decision, Ms Collins added.

Ms O’Connor said: “My experience of hearing about misconduct was horrible. There was a complete lack of care and support for me as a victim.”

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Matt police confirmed that they were aware of the judicial review, but said they were not ready to discuss the case further.

“We recognize that there is a need for real change in the Met,” said a spokesman for the force.

“Every victim of crime must have the confidence and confidence to come to the police to receive the support and professionalism they rightly expect.

“When that doesn’t happen, we want to know about it so that any training and, if appropriate, disciplinary action can be taken.”

The IOPC said Ms O’Connor did not appeal when she decided the case should be investigated as a gross violation.

A spokesman for the monitoring body said she made the call “based on the information provided to him” by officials who conducted the initial investigations into the complaint.

The spokesman added: “The IOPC agrees that there are serious public concerns about the abuse of a position by police officers for sexual gain, which must be taken into account when assessing the extent to which trust in the police may have been undermined and the appropriate sanction “

Des O’Connor’s daughter sues Met Police after a detective who called her “incredibly hot” kept her job | United Kingdom news

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