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Amber Heard’s sister described a fight in which she said the actress and Johnny Depp had collided.

Giving evidence in the defamation trial of Whitney Hurd, Henriquez said Hurd shouted at Depp from a mezzanine over a kitchen in March 2015.

Ms. Henriquez said she went to try to reassure her sister and described how Depp hit a can that hit another person in the room before Depp ran “up the stairs.”

Amber Heard’s ex-girlfriend is testifying – follow the updates live

Ms. Henriques said: “I am meeting against Amber and [Depp] he comes behind me and hits me in the back.

“I heard Amber say, ‘Don’t hit my fucking sister.’

She added: “Johnny had grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and hit her repeatedly in the face with the other.

While testifying before, Hurd admitted to hitting her ex-husband.

Depp is suing his ex-wife for $ 50 million (£ 40 million), saying she slandered him when she claimed in a newspaper article that she was a victim of domestic violence.

Hurd filed a counterclaim for $ 100 million (£ 81 million), arguing that he had slandered her by calling her a liar.

Depp claims he never hit Hurd and was abused by his ex-wife.

Whitney Hurd Henriques, Amber’s sister

Another witness on Wednesday was Melanie Inglis, Hurd’s make-up artist.

She described how she covered up the injuries on the actress’ face for participating in The Late Late Show with James Cordon in December 2015.

“We covered the discoloration, the bruises with a slightly heavier concealer,” Ms Inglessis said.

Raquel Pennington also testified – she described herself as a friend of both Depp and Hurd, but now says she has moved away.

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Ms. Pennington said Depp called his “alternative self” the “monster.”

Ms. Pennington said: “In the beginning [of the relationship]I wasn’t worried.

“Towards the end, when physical violence was more obvious, I was worried. I was worried about her physical safety.

“I was worried that when he turned around, he might actually be doing something worse than he intended.

Mrs. Pennington remembered pictures of Hurd’s bruised face

Ms Pennington said she saw Hurd with her hair pulled out of her head in 2016 and that after traveling to Australia in 2015, Hurd returned with cuts to her legs and arms.

She was also asked to describe a photo of Hurd taken in December 2015, which showed the actress with bruised eyes and a swollen nose.

Asked directly if she had ever seen Depp hit, kick or throw anything at Hurd, the witness said she had not.

Depp vs. Hurd: The actress’ sister says she saw a couple fight in 2015 | Ents & Arts News

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