Dennis van Oten shows all the smiles while enjoying the girl’s night after Eddie splits

Dennis van Oten After parting with his ex-partner Eddie Boxshall, he enjoyed a weekend vacation with friends.

Star She announced earlier this month in a social media post that she had separated from her fiancé and Eddie’s partner for seven years...

However, the 47-year-old former big breakfast presenter enjoyed a spectacular vacation with his peers and seems to be working hard to remember to say goodbye.

Dennis shared a photo of one night on Instagram and posted his snap in a gorgeous red dress and black stiletto heels when the group celebrated one of their birthdays.

The star posted a photo of her smiling on the camera with her hand on the chin of her feed as fans praised her look in the comments.

Dennis van Oten was stunned in a red dress when he was out at night

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One person wrote: Beautiful smile”.

Another addition: “It gets hot in seconds!”

The group also enjoyed a boat excursion and gin making on a trip after Dennis announced a split with Eddie earlier this month.

47-year-old Dennis, the mother of her 11-year-old daughter Betsy, was planning to marry Eddie this year.

Dennis was in Cambridge celebrating his friend’s birthday in a farewell to Eddie.

Dennis enjoyed a boat trip in Cambridge

but, She confirmed the split in an Instagram post..

The star writes: “There has been a lot of speculation about our relationship with Eddie in the last few months. It’s sad to make sure we’re no longer a couple. I have to make a difficult decision not to continue the relationship. It was.

“I always cherish the good times and memories we spend together. At this time, respect our privacy, especially for our children.”

Eddie works as an Essex commodities trader specializing in the oil business and has two children, a son and a daughter, from a previous relationship.

Dennis Van Oten and Eddie Boxshall have been together for seven years

He has been Dennis’ first boyfriend since he separated from Lee Mead in 2013., Who she shares her daughter Betsy.

After the split, Eddie seemed to make a speech After discovering that Dennis was fooling her, he reports that they took time to engage. Post a photo of a white banner on Instagram that says “Don’t believe everything you read.”

Eddie has disabled comments on posts and added a set of hashtags that appear to be jabing with rumors such as # youdontknowme, # youdontknowthetruth, and #chippaper.

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Dennis van Oten shows all the smiles while enjoying the girl's night after Eddie splits

Source link Dennis van Oten shows all the smiles while enjoying the girl's night after Eddie splits

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