Dennis Van Oten leaves the television studio with a brave face and smile after Eddie Boxshall splits

Dennis van Oten When first seen after leaving Eddie Boxshall, she was witnessed with a brave face and she smiled and waved to the fans.

The 47-year-old TV moderator was previously engaged in the beauty of her 47-year-old for seven years. They decided to call it quit In allegations she found that she was sending a secret message to the other women behind her.

A new snap from a former big breakfast host showed her dressed in nine in a stunning white fluffy jumper with a black bow and diamond buckle on the collar.

She combined her sweater with a red and black tartan miniskirt and finished her look with a pair of black heels and puff jackets to keep her warm when leaving Steph’s pack lunch.

The TV personality Platinum Blonde Rock was styled by the waves and pushed back into a ponytail for her outing. She also chose a light foundation and dramatic smoky eye makeup, finishing with red matte lipstick.

Dennis Van Oten was seen to look brave when he left the television studio following a split from Eddie Boxshall.

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In one photo, the presenter grinned as he waved at the onlookers.

While in another location, she could be seen walking down the road in London.

After Dennis confirmed that she and her ex-fiancé Eddie had decided to part with her on the weekend.

The star, who opened the door to fans on Instagram, admitted that there was a lot of speculation about her relationship and that she had to make difficult decisions to get things done.

Dennis van Oten broke up with his seven-year fiancé, Eddie.

Dennis van Oten has never been suggested by Eddie in the traditional way

She started captioning with two French Bulldog puppies, Tilly, sharing a black-and-white photo of her walking on the beach with Remy. “In the last two months, there has been a lot of speculation about our relationship with Eddie.

“It’s sad to make sure we’re no longer a couple. I had to make a difficult decision not to continue our relationship.”

“I always cherished the good times I spent together and made memories,” continued Dennis.

“At this point, please respect our privacy, especially for children.”

Dennis smiled leaving Steph’s pack lunch

Dennis’ statement followed reports that she found a message to another woman on Eddie’s phone while she was with her.

“Dennis is furiously angry and completely broken heart,” a source said. Sun.. “After she was very happy with Eddie, that was the last time she expected it to happen.

“She thought this was forever, but while she was working, he betrayed her trust and sat in her house,” they insisted.

One mother, Dennis, has a daughter, Betsy, who is 11 years old from her marriage to Remead, while Eddie has two children because of her previous relationship.

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Dennis Van Oten leaves the television studio with a brave face and smile after Eddie Boxshall splits

Source link Dennis Van Oten leaves the television studio with a brave face and smile after Eddie Boxshall splits

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