Dennis Van Oten “doesn’t sit around the mop” and “dates again” after Eddie Boxshall splits.

Dennis Van Oten confirmed that she and her fiancé Eddie Boxshall are no longer together after her report came out last week. The former partner is said to have been found to be “sending a message to another woman.”

Since then, we’ve seen the stars get back to work by appearing on Steph’s Packed Ranch on Monday, sources say. understood! Dennis, 47, now wants to put it all behind her.

Sources say of Dennis, who had a relationship with Eddie for seven years:

“She doesn’t want to sit around the mop.”

understood! We asked the representative of Dennis van Oten for comment.

Dennis van Oten is said to want to move from Eddie

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When the pair was reportedly separated, one source told The Sun:Dennis is furiously angry and completely broken.

“After she was very happy with Eddie, that was the last time she expected it to happen.”

Sources continued: “She thought this was forever.

Dennis Van Oten confirmed that she and Eddie split on her Instagram

“But while she was working, he betrayed her trust and sat in her house.”

Goggles box star Eddie hadn’t officially proposed one Dennis’ mother, but was reportedly talking about marrying each other last year before postponing for Covid-19. I did.

“I never got engaged. I just said I wanted to get married,” she said earlier.

Dennis van Oten is devoting himself to work after the split

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“Anyway, we are like a married couple.”

Back in October, the only way for the former is about Essex’s narration favorites dealing with trolls and her experience with impostor syndrome. New arrival!..

But it would have been an opportunity to talk about wedding plans, but Dennis opened only about their date nights and went around the subject.

Dennis van Oten is the mother of one of Betsy’s daughters.

The star has also revealed in the past: “I said,’Don’t worry about getting engaged.

“We just plan a day and there will be close friends and family when things resume.”

Dennis shares her 11-year-old daughter, Betsy, with her ex-husband, West End star Lee Mead.

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Dennis Van Oten "doesn't sit around the mop" and "dates again" after Eddie Boxshall splits.

Source link Dennis Van Oten "doesn't sit around the mop" and "dates again" after Eddie Boxshall splits.

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