Demoralized Russians ‘plotting false marriages’ to escape Ukraine’s war

Intelligence officers intercept a call between a Russian soldier and his friend (Photo: Getty Images)

Russian troops are desperately planning ‘false marriages’ in an attempt to escape the war in Ukraine.

An intercepted call has revealed an alleged conversation between a soldier and his friend Russia.

Ukrainian intelligence agency released details of the call today, the Telegraph revealed.

The soldier says officers ‘had no options’ and were looking for ways to fire and send them home.

‘Either you are injured, killed or there is an official order to retreat,’ he tells his friend.

The soldier then explains that he had tried to plan a fake wedding in a bid to escape the front line.

According to the Telegraph, the soldier said: “I have already told one of my female friends:” Go and submit an application to the marriage registration office. I will tell them here. “

“She said, ‘No, that’s not an option.’

A Russian soldier is pictured moving an area in the Kherson region of Ukraine (Photo: AP)

‘Everyone here is trying every possible way [to get out] … but there is no way. ‘

In a separate call, a soldier speaks of being ‘morally depressed’ after the water supply of his troop was cut off.

Experts say Putin’s troops continue to overreact, which has led to a wave of low morale.

The war in Ukraine has now entered its 105th day.

Last month, Russian soldier Andrey Ushakov was taken prisoner claimed that morale had become so bad that soldiers took their own lives.

Some have even intentionally wounded themselves, hoping to be classified as ‘Cargo 300’, meaning they will be sent back to Russia.

Ushakov, 20, said he knew of two soldiers who shot and killed themselves on the front line.

He said: ‘Everyone was in a panic and wanted to leave, but there was no way.

‘The only option to go was like 300. Some people could not stand it, and shot themselves dead.

‘Two boys shot themselves because they could not [cope]there was no other way out.

“Mentally, they could not cope with what was happening.”

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Demoralized Russians 'plotting false marriages' to escape Ukraine's war

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