Democrats Retain Control of Senate After Cortez Mast Wins in Nevada

After Katherine Cortez Mast is re-elected in Nevada, Democrats will give Joe Biden’s presidency a big boost and retain a majority in the U.S. Senate.

Cortez Masto is predicted to win her contest against Republican candidate Adam Laxalt in one of the most competitive races of the midterm elections, according to the Associated Press.

Cortez Masto’s victory gave the Democrats 50 out of 100 seats, enough seats to maintain a majority given that Vice President Kamala Harris was able to draw a tie vote.was next to the Democrats Mark Kelly Re-elected in Arizona, defeating pro-Trump Republican candidate Blake Masters.

Nevada’s result is that a runoff between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and former American football star and Republican candidate Herschel Walker in Georgia on December 6 will be a significant victory in determining a majority. It doesn’t matter anymore, but it means it could favor Democrats. In addition, he needs a margin of one vote to pass the bill.

Maintaining Democratic dominance in the Senate is essential for the president Joe Biden Because even if a Republican took control of the House, his party could approve judicial nominations, executive appointments, and set the legislative agenda. But Cortez Masto has long been considered one of the Democratic Party’s most vulnerable incumbents.

“Your Senate Democratic Majority!” shouted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Twitter after the prediction was made. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein tweeted “50!!!!!!!!”

Laxalt’s loss marks a recent disappointment for Republicans, who hoped to make big gains in the election. midterm electionsBut they underperformed because voters were worried about losing abortion rights and basic democratic values, and worried about punishing Democrats with high prices.

Republicans are struggling to reach the breaking point of 218 votes needed to retake the House, and there are about 20 elections yet to be called in the House.

On Saturday, Democrats scored a major upset in Washington state’s House election, with Marie Grusenkamp Perez defeating Republican Joe Kent. He fired Republican Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler, who voted to impeach Trump after the Capitol was stormed on January 6 last year.

The Republican Party’s failure to make big gains in the midterm elections has sparked a surge in infighting between factions close to the leader of Congress and factions linked to Trump.

In the Senate, a group of Trump-supporting Republicans are calling for a leadership election to be postponed until after Georgia’s runoff vote, which threatens longtime Republican leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate. there is a possibility.

Republicans made big gains in Nevada when Sheriff Joe Lombardo of Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, won the gubernatorial race. However, Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant lost after being criticized for questioning the outcome of the 2020 election.

In Arizona, Mark Finkem, who attacked Biden’s victory over Trump as “illegitimate,” also lost to Democrat Adrian Fontes in his contest to become secretary of state to oversee the election.

The outcome of the Arizona gubernatorial race pitted pro-Trump former TV news anchor Kari Lake against Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, who maintained her lead on Saturday evening. Democrats Retain Control of Senate After Cortez Mast Wins in Nevada

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