Demi Lovato abandons “California’s sober” lifestyle with moderate alcohol and weeds

Demi Lovato Three years after her deadly overdose from heroin contaminated with fentanyl, they officially announced that they would be “modest.”

After taking it before’California With a sober approach to recovering from her past drugs alcohol Abuse, a 29-year-old singer revealed that they no longer drink alcohol or smoke moderate marijuana.

“I no longer support my” California’s sober “method,” Lovato wrote in her Instagram story, using their / their pronoun. “The only way is to be sober.”

Change her way: Demi Lovato has announced that she will officially become “modest” three years after her nearly deadly overdose from heroin mixed with fentanyl.

In March, Demi revealed to CBS Sunday Morning that when an assistant found her on the night of overdose in 2018, they were only minutes from death, “If no one finds her, she Will not be here. ”

A traumatic overdose that occurred after Demi took fentanyl-contaminated heroin while out at night made her legally blind and damaged her brain, and the singer had a heart attack and three times during hospitalization. I suffered from a stroke.

When asked by her YouTube documentary producer Dancing With the Devil, “Is it completely calm?”, Demi will never be able to get “some relief” from the substance. ..

“I no longer support my” California’s sober “method,” Lovato writes. “The only way is to be sober.”

“I learned that when I close the door of things, I want to open more doors,” they explained. “I learned that it doesn’t work to say,’I’m not going to do this again.’

“I really struggled with this. I know I ended up with what was trying to kill me. But I can probably get some relief through weeds or something. And telling myself that I can never drink or smoke marijuana, I feel like I’m preparing for failure because I’m such a black and white thinker.

“I’ve been drilling it in my head for years, so a glass of drink was equivalent to a crack pipe. I’ve ever smoked weeds and drank moderately. I’ve been hesitant to share.

Demi admitted that he worked on when and how to share this information with the world for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that people didn’t want to “criticize” her after being detained as a “poster child.” Drinking for several years after her overdose.

Scary: In March, Demi revealed to CBS Sunday Morning that “if no one finds her, she’s here,” she told CBS Sunday Morning when her assistant found her on the night of overdose in 2018. I wouldn’t be there. “

“I also don’t want people to hear it, and I think they can just go out and drink and suck joints because it’s not for everyone.” They continued.

“Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. And you shouldn’t be forced to stay calm, even if you’re not ready. You shouldn’t be calm for others. You shouldn’t do it yourself. Must be done. “

People closest to Demi confessed that they had different opinions about her decision-her manager, Scooter Braun, thought of consuming “moderate” substances as pop stars do. I confessed, “I really don’t agree.”

Life-changing: During the fourth and final episode of her documentary, Demi talks about why they chose to smoke weeds and drink alcohol after her deadly overdose in 2018. Did

“Demi knows that not all moderation really agrees with me,” he admits. “What I learned from addiction is that if I push her to do what I want to do, I push her away. I can’t control her. All I can do is friends And hope she is right. “

Her former assistant, Jordan Jackson, who found Demi after her overdose and called 911, also confessed that she scared her when her boss wasn’t completely calm.

However, Demi’s sister Dallas claims that her brother has finally reached a state in her life “she is finally learning to find balance,” smoking weeds and drinking alcohol. Her decision to say is all part of that.

Concerns: At the time, Demi’s manager, Scooter Braun, admitted that he “really disagrees” with the idea of ​​consuming “moderate” substances.

Other cool stars, such as singer Elton John, who has been cool for over 30 years, have expressed skepticism about the “sober” lifestyle of California.

“Moderation doesn’t work,” he said. ‘sorry. If you drink, you will drink more. If you take a pill, you are going to take another. You either do it or not. ”

He added:

“Once you open about it, you drop the monkey from your back and you feel you come out open.

“It doesn’t mean you’re healed because you never heal. Addiction is lifelong. But you can have the best life. I’m 30. I’ve been calm for years, I’ve had the most incredible things happened to me. She’s such a wonderful girl, so I hope she does. ”

Warning: Elton John, who had been calm for 30 years himself, previously issued a warning about Demi’s decision to smoke and drink “moderately” weeds, claiming that “it doesn’t work”.

In October, Lala Kent described “California’s soberness” as rude to those who “work really hard” to completely abstinence.

“It’s not real,” said 31-year-old Lara, asking how viewers felt about Raquel Levis, the star of Vanderpump Rule, who calls her fiancé James Kennedy “the sober of California.” Later, he spoke at Watch What Happens Live.

After Lovato admitted smoking and moderate drinking of marijuana, Lala had previously condemned the strategy.

Open Book: In her past documentary, Rovato talked about her overdose, mental health, and sexual assault experiences.

“The term is dry and I’m obviously participating in the program. I’m with many incredible men and women and with their power to never pick up any kind of substance. I’ll do everything, “she said at WWHL. “So when I hear someone say,’I’m sober in California,’ it’s not perfect for me. I’m a person who has lost most of his life just by drinking and smoking weeds. So I don’t like it.

“Something in the smallest amount is potentially — you could fall out of the wagon,” she continued.

“So for me, I’m just thinking … don’t look down on people who are really working hard to stay in the right mindset, don’t pick up anything.”

Not a fan: Kent previously said that Demi Lovato’s idea of ​​”California’s soberness” was “extremely unpleasant” for those who worked hard to fight addiction.Non-dual singers allow themselves to drink alcohol and smoke cannabis “moderately”

Bravostar was an advocate of an anonymous voice of alcoholism after quitting drugs and alcohol after a runaway following the sudden death of his father.

In 2019 she said Page 6: “I swear in the AA program.”

“I know that old people hate talking about the program because it’s an anonymous program. But there are generations who are struggling, my generation, and they are about this program. I need to know. It exists and saves my life. ”

Demi Lovato abandons “California’s sober” lifestyle with moderate alcohol and weeds

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