DCIG’s Top 5 SDS Block Storage Solutions iXsystems TrueNAS-

Research firms recognize iXsystems as an “emerging vendor” Among the major storage providers

iXsystemsData Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG), a leading provider of open storage solutions, today TrueNAS open storage Software Platform as one of the Top 5 Software Defined Storage (SDS) Block Storage Solutions. “2021-22 DCIG Top 5 Rising Vendor SDS Block Storage Solution, ” TrueNAS Open Storage excels in multiple areas that outperform comparable SDS solutions, such as the ability to support file and object services in addition to blocks.

According to the report, “iXsystems has decades of expertise in system design and development of open source software such as FreeBSD, ZFS, Open ZFS and TrueNAS. As one of the top five solutions reviewed. The storage platform showed robust support features compared to other evaluated solutions. “

TrueNAS is the most flexible software-defined storage solution for managing and sharing data on your network. This software provides a high-value route to business-class storage that is secure, secure, centralized, and easily accessible. Users can install TrueNAS on virtually any hardware platform, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.To further simplify management, TrueNAS system TrueCommand A single glass-enclosed management application that centralizes alerts, reports, and analytics from many TrueNAS systems into one easy-to-use interface.

In a report published by DCIG, the company distinguishes the benefits of TrueNAS from several other SDS solutions in multiple areas.

  • OpenZFS 2.0 base – ZFS is the core of TrueNAS SDS. As a prominent leader in ZFS development on FreeBSD, iXsystems brings that expertise to OpenZFS 2.0. ZFS storage is well known for its reliability and rich set of data services.
  • Freedom of open storage – TrueNAS is available as three products from iXsystems. TrueNAS CORE (formerly FreeNAS) runs on FreeBSD and is completely free and open source. Supports file, block, and object protocols. Other products include TrueNAS Enterprise (designed for business-critical data, 24×7 support and full enterprise-grade support) and TrueNAS SCALE (a free open source hyper-converged solution). ..
  • Pre-integrated storage appliance – IXsystems makes TrueNAS Enterprise available on TrueNAS X-series, M-series, and R-series storage appliances and can be configured as an all-flash or hybrid storage system. These turnkey storage systems are integrated with leading hypervisor and backup solutions.

“TrueNAS is the world’s most popular SDS product line, with over 1 million deployments and offering integrated block, file, and S3-compatible object storage to solve a wide range of storage challenges.” Said Brett Davis, Executive Vice President of iXsystems. “The perceptions in this report reflect the iXsystems team’s commitment to fulfilling our commitment to give organizations of all sizes access to enterprise storage.”

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DCIG’s Top 5 SDS Block Storage Solutions iXsystems TrueNAS-

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