David Beckham’s Stepmum shares an unprecedented wedding snap

David BeckhamStep Mama shared some never-before-seen snaps from her A beautiful wedding to former soccer player’s dad Ted..

Hillary Meredith-Beckham used Twitter to mark a month after posting some new photos and tying a knot from her big day.

The first snap shows a lawyer wearing her wedding shoes while she is wearing a gorgeous white satin dress and jacket. The second snap sees herself and her new husband wrapping their arms around each other.

Hillary added a caption to the post. Preparing for our wedding. “

She closed the post with a red heart emoji.

David Beckham’s mother-in-law shared an unprecedented snap of her wedding with former soccer player father Ted.

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“You looked absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations,” wrote one of Hillary’s followers, while another added: X “.

Ted, 73, and Hillary, 62, tied a knot at the Temple in London on December 11.

He and his wife, Victoria’s daughter Harper, 10, was a bridesmaid, dressed in white and navy, and had lots of cream-colored roses.

One snap saw Solictor Hillary wearing wedding shoes.

Victoria was also present with the couple’s sons, Cruz (17), Romeo (19), and Brooklyn, 22 (engaged with American actress Nicola Peltz).

A spokesman for the newlyweds confirmed their marriage.

Another showed that the couple who tied the knot in December wrapped their arms around each other.

They said in a statement:

“The best man was Ted’s son, David. Bridesmaids Charlotte, Francesca and Harper looked beautiful in blue velvet dresses. The pair are currently on their honeymoon abroad.”

Ted was married to David’s mother Sandra for 33 years before divorcing in 2002.

David shared his own sweet snap to fix his dad’s tie

Hillary, who called him and their wedding day “magical,” was engaged in March 2020.

Proud son David also shared a collection of intimate ceremonial photographs. Some of them are one of them adjusting his father’s tie.

He capped a winter wedding snap to his 70 million followers: “A beautiful day celebrating the wedding of my dad and Hillary.

The entire Beckham clan was attending the wedding

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“It’s great to be with the whole family. I’m very proud to be there for my dad, just as he’s always there for me. Love him.”

In another photo, a 46-year-old kid is enjoying a wedding breakfast with his father and a new steppe mom.

The suits of the four dads featured a white pocket square and a white rose boutonnière.

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David Beckham's Stepmum shares an unprecedented wedding snap

Source link David Beckham's Stepmum shares an unprecedented wedding snap

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