David Beckham is finally in line with the Knights after clearing his finances.

David Beckham According to a new report, after all his finances have been clarified, he is finally in line with the knights.

Sun A former soccer player, 46, has been officially nominated and claimed to have been moved to the official recommendation list in June next year.

In 2014, Beckham was on the verge of becoming Lord David on the New Year’s Honors list until a “danger signal” warning from HM Revenue and Customs sank his nomination.

Happy: David Beckham finally lined up for the Knights after all his finances were clear, according to a new report.

Beckham’s involvement in the alleged tax avoidance plan shattered his hopes.

The former soccer player was one of dozens of wealthy celebrities who invested in the controversial Ingenious Media scheme to fund the film and reduce investors’ personal tax obligations. .. HMRC has labeled this scheme as a tax avoidance measure.

However, one source now tells the publication:

“His team first approached HMRC aggressively when David made the business independent almost two years ago, and then finally settled everything this year.

Star: Sun claims that a former soccer player, 46, has been officially nominated and moved to the official recommendation list next June (taken with his OBE in 2003).

“In 2013, David was told that the only reason he was overlooked as a knight was because of a tax blunder. Now it’s been cleaned up, the reason he’s not honored is absolute. Not in.

“He would obviously be completely excited about the Knights, but there is no illusion and he believes it only when he sees it.”

A representative of David was asked to comment by MailOnline.

Former Manchester United and England’s ace were widely expected to become knights after their 20-year football career ended in May 2013.

Type: Fashion designer Victoria (47 years old)’s husband is a father of four and has raised about £ 50 million for charity in collaboration with organizations such as UNICEF.

He also played an important role in the 2012 London Olympics.

A source close to the Honorary Commission told an email in 2014: It is well known that we perform a kind of risk assessment on people and we get it from HMRC. Beckham is back with a red flag.

“Everyone felt he deserved a knight, so there was an attempt to sort it out. There was no other factor, just taxes.

“We tried some informal routes to sort out something, but in the end there is a set of rules. One is to give it to those who raise the red flag. No, it cannot be ignored. This tax is to ensure that people understand the problem and improve their position. [of their taxes]..

“With Beckham, that could have been solved, but now it turns out to be more annoying.”

Those who are financially irregular will be given a “red warning” by the Internal Revenue Service and will be prohibited from approving an honors degree.

He was reportedly upgraded to “green” after the check.

Fashion designer Victoria, 47, has a father of four and has worked with organizations such as UNICEF to raise about £ 50 million for charity.

Important: In addition to charity activities, soccer player David also played an important role in the 2012 London Olympics.

The decision to raise a red warning was praised by the family of the late Captain Tom Moore, who emphasized the “kindness” that Beckham showed to war veterans.

Not only was tax avoidance finally approved, but David and Victoria were actually one of the highest taxpayers in the UK, according to a report released by Sunday Times in 2019.

They claimed that the owner of Inter Miami and the former Spice Girl paid £ 12.7 million in taxes over the course of 12 months.

Robert Watts, who edits the tax list and the Sanda Imzurich list, said at the time: “There has long been suspicion that the former English captain, who was under attack by the tax office, was involved in the investment program and whistled to the Knights of Beckham.

“Disclosure of the taxes they pay may increase the likelihood that we will meet Lord Goldenball and Mrs. Posh someday.

“These numbers undoubtedly support the claims of wealthy people more effectively than many charities and other charities they do.

“The tax list also states that if Brexit, or a more hostile political environment, encourages the ultra-rich to leave the UK for Monaco, Switzerland, or other low-tax boltholes, our country It raises the question of how to fill the gap. “

Family: David is married to Victoria, and the couple shares four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper, and Cruz.

David Beckham is finally in line with the Knights after clearing his finances.

Source link David Beckham is finally in line with the Knights after clearing his finances.

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