David Beckham ignores disgust when kissing his daughter Harper, 10, again with his lips

David Beckham After being criticized in the past, he rebelliously shared another photo of his 10-year-old daughter Harper kissing her with her lips.

A former soccer player posted a sweet snap of himself and Harper on Friday. The pair spent quality dad and daughter time together while going out for a lively walk.

In the image, Harper can be seen rocking fluffy gray earmuffs and a navy blue fleece. Meanwhile, Dad David had a bag with purple straps and wore a black hat and a matching black hoodie.

“Daddy and Princess Leia had a nice walk at #HarperSeven this morning,” David captioned the photo.

David Beckham shared another photo of himself kissing his daughter Harper on Instagram on Friday

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Some fans made the photo “beautiful” in support of the sweet moment captured between David and his daughter, while others said Harper was too old to kiss his father with his lips. He said he wasn’t impressed in the comments section because he thought he couldn’t.

“She’s a big girl now it’s time for you to stop kissing her with your lips … it’s bad to kiss your daughter,” wrote one believer.

“Stop with a photo of a kiss! That’s pretty weird,” another complained.

However, other fans urged a man in the family to ignore the ridicule he received for the image.

“Beautiful !! But” don’t kiss your kid with your lips “wait for a complete weird comment … this is perfectly normal,” the fan said.

Critics have deemed inappropriate previous similar images uploaded by David such as from 2018

Another supportive fan wrote: “This is beautiful! Harper is a very lucky woman to have an emotional dad like you.”

The second photo, uploaded by David at the same time, shows Harper smiling at the camera with his dad.

Victoria Beckham Handwritten notes posted on Instagram Harper left the duo before going for a walk early in the day.

“I hope you have a wonderful supper. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I love Harper.”

David shared his video of kissing Harper on January 1st.

Victoria and David and four children

The 10-year-old is shown in a number of photos uploaded by David that share a sweet kiss. One was taken in 2020 looking for vegetables while ice skating in London in 2018, and was recently shot in a video posted on New Year’s Day.

A former sportsman continues to share these snaps despite the backlash from his followers over the years, and he’s curious with his wife Victoria, who shares similar photos on his Instagram account. Indicates that it is not.

Outside of his spouse, David has been protected by Rebekah Vardy On top of the image when she called people “ill” because she hurt a completely natural moment between dad and daughter.

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David Beckham ignores disgust when kissing his daughter Harper, 10, again with his lips

Source link David Beckham ignores disgust when kissing his daughter Harper, 10, again with his lips

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