Data maturity model: user needs

NS Government data quality hub Working on a project with Data standard station Develop a government data maturity model. We are conducting some user surveys with colleagues throughout the government to ensure that the model we develop is understood by those who use it and can drive the necessary improvements.

What is a data maturity model?

The data maturity model is a tool used to assess the level of data capabilities of an organization and highlight areas where progress can be made. For more information on this project and the maturity model Government data quality framework.

What do you want to know

I would like to ask you about important considerations in developing this model. This includes:

  • What are the challenges in establishing and improving data management and functionality?

  • What should be included in the evaluation output in terms of both content and form

  • Who is the best way to assess how well your organization currently manages your data?

To better understand these points, we will run a series of workshops and focus groups. These are 60-90 minutes long and will be held in August.

Who do you need?

We look forward to hearing from as many people as possible. We especially welcome the opinions of the following roles.

Department data lead

Responsible for parts of the data ecosystem (data governance, ethics, security, etc.) that use maturity models to measure and prioritize the status of work.

Senior leader

People responsible for making decisions about the strategic direction of an organization. You may not consider yourself a “data person,” but you want to ensure that your organization makes strategic decisions to improve the way it manages data. This allows organizations to gain greater value from the data they create and increase the return on investment of their data initiatives.

Technical expert

You are the people who work directly with your data and can answer questions about how data management works within your organization. You may already be familiar with successes and challenges, but you don’t have a good grasp of the entire system to make the necessary improvements.

Participate in our research

If you feel you equate with any of these groups, or if you would like to know more about the project, please email us. With your name, role, and your interest in this job. Then follow up to adjust the time of the discussion.

Data maturity model: user needs

SourceData maturity model: user needs

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