Dapper Laughs had a broken heart after his grandpa (92) died in Covid after being given a 24-hour survival period.

Comedian Dapper Ruffs revealed that his 92-year-old grandfather died after signing a comedian and could only live for 24 hours.

Dapper, 37, real name Daniel O’Reilly, He revealed sad news on Instagram, telling him that he felt “depressed” about losing his “best friend.”


Dappel Dan, also known as Daniel O’Reilly, lost Grandpa to Covid this weekCredit: Instagram

In parallel with the announcement, Dapper shared a series of lovely photos with his grandfather. It also includes a photo of two comedian children and his wife, Shelly Ray.

One of the pictures was a screenshot of his mother who told Dapper, “You were one of his best companions … he loved you so much and really admired you.”

The comedian posted a long message telling fans about the “tough” time his family just endured.

“Last night I lost my grandfather. It wasn’t an easy week for my family. On Monday, he was able to live 24 hours after a positive test,” he said in a tragic announcement. I started.

“I’m really sad. It’s strange that I’ll never see anyone again. He was a big part of my childhood.”

Dapper explained how Grandpa’s health was declining.

“For the past five years, Alzheimer’s disease has slowly kept him away from us, but my mother and uncle have taken care of him. To be honest, our family has been slowly destroyed and We tested some relationships and broke some, but they took good care of him At about the same time Sherry lost his father and Nan, they glued us together to connect the family. I was able to complete my Nan.

“It was hard.”

Then the comedian opened in the last few months of Grandpa.

“He didn’t talk much last year or so. I really saw him brighten only when I brought the kids. He had a relationship with Lou, She was intrigued by him and she hovered around his chair. & He sat silently and had a silly face. It was like the flickering of an old man. I was still there and jumping out of the water, “he explained.

“He always remembered me when he was able to speak, but he couldn’t remember what I did, he always asked me, what do you do?

“It was a little sad, but I loved to say I was a comedian because I was excited every time I talked to him. He was all proud to sit down and tell me to do what I liked. You will think. “

Dapper added:

“I can feel depressed, sad and in a negative cycle for the last few days, but today I break it and get off the couch. Return to the fight against the negative atmosphere and stay positive. increase.

“Mom, Dennis & Glen, I love you. I’m sorry I’ve lost it in the last few years. He’s with my grandma now.”

He’s done: “Make your loved one closer to this Christmas.”

Dapper Became known on Facebook, YouTube, and Vine, and best known for the ITV2 series Dapper Laughs: On the Pull.

He made Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Comeback, So he asked his current wife Shelly Ray a question.

Sherry I gave birth to a baby girl named Neve in December 2016, And the couple had their second daughter in 2018.

Comedians have withdrawn from the spotlight since his show, On The Pull, was dropped by ITV in 2014 and his father Pat died in 2016.

He fired after a female audience joked that he was “spitting rape” in one of his up-and-coming routines.


Since his grandfather died, he felt depressed and opened his heartCredit: Instagram


The star also shared a text from his mother about how much his grandfather loved him.Credit: Instagram


The comedian is married to Shelly Ray and has two young daughtersCredit: Instagram
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Dapper Laughs had a broken heart after his grandpa (92) died in Covid after being given a 24-hour survival period.

Source link Dapper Laughs had a broken heart after his grandpa (92) died in Covid after being given a 24-hour survival period.

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