Danny Miller says he couldn’t afford to quit “I’m a celebrity” after leaving Emmerdale

Danny Miller After leaving Emmerdale, he said, “I couldn’t afford to leave” from “I’m a celebrity.”

30 years old, A person who had an emotional reunion with his fiancé Steph Jones after he was crowned King of the castle On Sunday, December 12, we revealed how the series set up at Glitch Castle in Wales was a “mental challenge”.

Danny, the father of his six-week-old son Albert, spent 20 days in the castle, but revealed that he couldn’t leave the show during difficult times.

Danny Miller revealed that he “couldn’t afford to leave” from “I’m a celebrity”

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Thorpestar, who announced his departure from Emmerdale in November, explained how Castle Prison The Clink felt “difficult”. mirror: “The truth is that I couldn’t afford to leave it. I think it was a spiritual challenge for me.

“Everyone there was fighting their own mental health. People there, including myself, have problems with their mental health and so on.”

He continued. “I quit my job in Emmerdale and showed the world what Danny Miller is, in contrast to Danny Miller, who plays Aaron in Emerdale.

Danny’s fiancé Steph gave birth to Albert a few weeks before I entered the celebrity castle.

“And it was never an option, as I probably wanted to leave at some point, because A, I couldn’t afford it, and B, I want it. Because it wasn’t. ”

Danny explained that winning the ITV show was “crazy” and that it was “the best possible result” for “Albert’s future.”

Danny was crowned King of the Castle

The actor reunited with his wife, Steph, on Monday, December 13, and took an emotional photo showing the pair hugging each other.

It was clear that the couple had missed each other, as Danny hugged his fiancé Steph and snapped a snap of his mother, who was supposed to be her husband, jumping when she returned to Stockport’s house.

Talking about Good Morning Britain, Danny unveiled a plan to “spend the rest of his life” to make time for his son Albert.

He states: “Albert has been six and a half weeks now. I haven’t seen him yet. I’ve been here in Wales for press conferences and interviews and I’m waiting to see him back today. Hold him in my arms. I can’t wait to see him for the first time, which looks like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“Fortunately for him he doesn’t know, but unfortunately I missed him. He doesn’t know, but I do know. I spend the rest of my life to make up for him. intend.”

Danny Miller says he couldn't afford to quit "I'm a celebrity" after leaving Emmerdale

Source link Danny Miller says he couldn't afford to quit "I'm a celebrity" after leaving Emmerdale

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