Danniera Westbrook says he is ready for another surgery after infection

Danniera Westbrook After she was taken to the hospital for a sinus infection, she revealed that she was expecting another surgery. Recently left her in need of emergency surgery.

Despite receiving amazing care from NHS doctors and surgeons last month, the former Eastenders The actress informed her fans that she still needed another-preferably final-surgery.

The 48-year-old star, who opened the door to his followers on Instagram, explained that he would go under the knife again in the New Year.

She shared a video of enjoying a pottery painting night at Epping in London earlier this week, and Christmas-like atmosphere was everywhere.

But when fans received comments to share their wishes for the star, she revealed that her journey wasn’t over yet.

Danniera Westbrook has another surgery for her nasal infection in the New Year

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“Looks nice! I hope you have a good time and feel better now,” posted a fan, Daniela telling the doctor that the doctor will heal her nose and completely prevent further infections. I answered that I would have another operation in the hope that I could do it.

“Much more ready for the next New Year’s operation,” the star replied. The video showed her enjoying a delicious coffee surrounded by themed decorations.

Three weeks ago, a former soap actress informed fans that she was in a hurry to undergo surgery at Eintree Hospital in Liverpool.

“I’m waiting to go to the theater,” she added a snap caption to the hospital gown at the time. “Feel very overwhelmed and full of hope and gratitude.

Danniera Westbrook informed fans that there are still other options

“Thanks to the greatest surgeon and @nhs team x # gratitude # nhs # liverpool.”

Since then, the star has also provided up-to-date information about her condition, revealing last month that her surgery was a “great success.”

“Thanks for all the messages of support for my surgery. It was a great success. Thanks to Liverpool Hospital and the best staffed surgical team and the cleanest hospital ever.”

Unfortunately, antibiotics were ineffective against the initial infection and prompted emergency surgery.

Danniella recently thanked all doctors and nurses for their care

At the hospital, doctors warned Daniela that after fear that the infection could spread to “her brain,” additional surgery might be needed to prevent the infection from recurring.

Social media personalities share emotional posts and recently posted a heartfelt love message to mothers and children because they warned fans that “tomorrow isn’t promised.”

Former Sam Mitchell actress tagged her mother Susan, son Kai, and daughter Jody.

“Tell someone that you love them today, because tomorrow isn’t promised. For my family and friends, I love you,” she said at the time.

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Danniera Westbrook says he is ready for another surgery after infection

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