Danniella Westbrook provides fans with the latest post-surgery information on “great success”

Daniela West Book He provided her fans with the latest information about her surgery and explained how the surgery was a “great success”.

Recently a 48-year-old actress from EastEnders. A fan surprised by the new look when she was hospitalized for the second time after she was in a hurry following a sinus infection when she celebrated her birthday.

In a tweet to her 228,600 Twitter followers, she wrote: x # NHS # Liverpool. ”

Danniella Westbook provided her fans with the latest information on her surgery

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Danniella recently shared a selfie from a geotagged hospital bed at Aintree Hospital in Liverpool, writing: Feel very overwhelmed and full of hope and gratitude. A big thank you to the best surgeons and the @nhs team. “

She added “# gratitude # nhs # liverpool” after the caption.

The news arrived just a few weeks after the actress was taken to the hospital because it was revealed that she had a sinus infection.

Her illness reportedly left her 48-year-old in the intensive care unit.

Daniela and her companion Ryan Mira

During her previous hospital mission, Daniela was warned that she may need surgery to prevent the infection from recurring.

Doctors also expressed concern that it could spread to Daniela’s brain.

The actor’s friend said Sun At that time: “Experts were worried that the infected mucus could be traced back to her brain, but she is well cared for and treated in the hospital.”

It’s after the beauty of blondes recently celebrated her birthday and shared a wonderful snap enjoying the night with her friend Ryan Mira at a Liverpool restaurant.

In the photo, Daniela could be seen wearing a fedora hat with a large beige scarf over her shoulder, showing off her perfectly groomed hands.

She captioned the photo: “Thanks to @rbgliverpool for my birthday treat at @ rymi1 # birthday.”

Daniela often shared the latest health information with her fans and was very candid over the years in the fight against addiction.

Danniella could be seen wearing a fedora with a large beige scarf.

The actress has been in rehab several times to overcome her cocaine addiction, and she confessed that she had relapsed again last month after a recent stay at a rehab center.

She wrote in an honest Instagram post:

“I think the best year of an adult’s life was a clean and calm 14 years, so today I’m not shy and proud to pick up a newcomer’s ring,” she continued.

“I’m ready to start over at every step. I’m out of service and thanks to these three illnesses of alcoholism and addiction, to give back to others seeking a solution. I’m excited to be called. “

Danniella Westbrook provides fans with the latest post-surgery information on "great success"

Source link Danniella Westbrook provides fans with the latest post-surgery information on "great success"

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