Daniel Lloyd introduces baby girl Autumn Rose: “She’s perfect”

She didn’t keep secret the fact that she always wanted her daughter to be added to her family Daniel Lloyd Finally, her wish has come true. And the 37-year-old introduces her newborn baby girl, Autumn Rose, 10 days old, so her delight cannot be suppressed.

Here she reveals her feelings at the “top of the world” after welcoming her baby, details her arrival in the world, and how her son adapts to life with her new sister. I will clarify. Our exclusive photos and interviews.

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Baby Fall is in the 38th week of November 12th with Daniel (11-year-old son Archie, 10-year-old Harry, 8-year-old George’s mother, 4-year-old Ronnie and husband Michael O’Neill from their previous marriage). Arrived after being triggered after the fight against severe back pain.

She was relieved to avoid the Caesarean section. The previous model had the eldest daughter at 8:19 pm and had an English football match against Albania in the background.

Adorable Autumn weighed a petite 6 lbs 13 ounces and had an oxygen test shortly after birth and had early breathing problems. Thankfully, she recovered quickly and Daniel was able to feed her first at 3 am.

Daniel “stands at the top of the world” after welcoming his daughter Autumn Rose

Autumn should be well protected by having four siblings around her. But even though at first he said this was her last baby
It seems that Daniel may also offer her a sister.

“The longer I stay at home, the more it seems,’Oh my god, she may need a sister,'” she says. “But I have to convince Michael first.”

Here, Daniel tells us throughout his birth, her plans to renew her vows with Michael and the various reactions her boy had to the new additions …

“The longer I stay at home, the more like,’Oh my god, she may need a sister!'” She says. “But I have to convince Michael first!”

Here, Daniel tells us throughout his birth, the various reactions her boy had to the new additions and plans to renew his vows with Michael …

Hello Daniel. We love the autumn name, where did it come from?

There are some names like autumn and meadows and I thought it was very cute. We didn’t decide right away, and I saw her change every day. Michael really likes Rosie and I really like autumn. I liked both, but then people sent me a picture of a dog called Rosie, and I was like “Oh, is this a sign?”

I thought the season was autumn, but she’s dark and tanned and looks very gorgeous and autumn. And there is a rose after Michael’s Nan. I know it’s not a traditional name, unlike a boy, but it was perfect for her. There were a lot of people trying to put in two pence, but I said, “Michael, we really have to decide for ourselves. Otherwise, we’ll keep spinning in a circle. ”

After pondering Meadow and Rosie, she and her husband Michael decided to name the baby girl Autumn.

Well, that’s a beautiful name. How did your birth go?

I knew she was coming because I was invited to come in, but I was really worried about running up. You can’t really worry about it if you don’t know something is coming, but I thought my water would break. I went around 11:30 am, she broke my water, and I thought it was, but nothing happened.

So I said, so he went out and picked up the children from school.

When they broke your water, they had to leave you four hours to see if something happened, so they came back at about 5 o’clock and I said, “I have some smirks. I’m starting to feel it, but there’s nothing big about it. ”

So what happened?

So she said, “Yes, I’ll start you with an IV drip around 6 o’clock.” The drip is a synthetic hormone that began to contract, and Michael returned by 5 o’clock, returning very quickly from 0 to 100.

There was a very nice midwife named Emma who took over around 7 pm and welcomed a new midwife named Kelly. By that time she came and I thought “these are really fierce now”. Autumn arrived at 8:19 pm, which was literally very fast!

It was a premature birth

Wow! Did you have a harder birth than others?

Obviously it was painful because every childbirth was painful, but because it happened so quickly I suffered a lot of pain and told Michael “I can’t do this”. They tried to relieve me of the pain, and I said, “What did you get?” They were like “epidural or pethidine”. And I said, “I will take anything.”

The midwife examined me and said, “I can’t give you anything because my head is there now. She’s coming now.” That’s it. She was here. They all worried a little about her breathing because it all happened so fast. Because usually when babies come out, they come out really slowly and all the mucus is pushed out of the chest. She came out so early that she had a lot of mucus in her chest and had to do an oxygen test all night, but she was absolutely fine.

Was it scary when they were testing?

Yes. Michael had to return to the children about an hour after he was born, so I was left alone with her and I couldn’t stop staring at her. But she was really scared because she was making strange breath sounds, but the hospital was very good. They were great and all the staff there were great.

They have a brand new unit we had her at Good Hope Hospital [in Birmingham], It’s a maternity-led unit, and after giving birth I got a big double bed. It was like a hotel room, it was great. But it was scary because they had to take a doctor to check her and she didn’t feed immediately, but they said it was for all the mucus rice field.

I was trying to feed her, and she’s really sleepy, and I think it’s because she worked so hard to get out so fast. She started feeding around 3am and I was happy when she first fed.

After going through some oxygen tests, Daniel was happy when Autumn took her first food.

How did you feel when you first hugged me?

They put her straight on my chest and it felt great, but I was completely exhausted. I can’t believe she’s here. The whole pregnancy seems to have passed so quickly that I can’t stop staring at her.

Did you have any tears when she arrived?

definitely. Michael gets hooked on her and says, “She’s so perfect.”

How was this birth compared to the other four?

I think it was easy because it was the fastest. Harry was the fastest, 30 minutes, because he was premature and I didn’t think I was in labor. He was born in 29 weeks.

All the boys are crazy about their sister

Was Michael really supportive at birth?

He was great and was there every second for me. It was so interesting that we were sitting there watching football. Because England was playing and the pain started and she was here before I noticed. But there was one point they must have scored, and I turned to Michael and said, “Stop watching football.” And the midwife said: Usually moms don’t play soccer. He is very lucky! ”

He certainly is. Are you relieved that you didn’t have to make a Caesarean section?

I was so panicked that I am happy. Even after I was born, I thought “I hope it’s okay”.It’s also really emotional because I said it would be my last [baby].. “Do you want to say this is the last?”

That is our next question. Will it be your last?

Well, the midwife told me, when she came out, I and Michael said, “No! Definitely the last.” But the longer I stayed at home, the more “Oh my sister, she has a sister.” It may be necessary! ” First you need to convince Michael.

In any case, you finally got the girl you always wanted …

know! To be honest, it’s very surreal. All the boys are crazy about her too. Ronnie found it difficult to adapt. He was a bit like “What is this?” At first, why is this baby coming and getting all the attention?

I find it difficult when he was a baby for a long time. But he was so cute that last night he brought two Thomas the Tank Engine from his bedroom and said, “I’ve decided I don’t need any more, so I’ll give it to my baby.” Harry keeps staring at her and says, “Mummy, my heart hurts.”

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Oh, bless them!

It’s very sweet. They rush home from school and are like, “Can we hold a baby?”

You were a little anxious during your pregnancy. How is she here?

My anxiety has really subsided. I think I was worried about giving birth, whether I needed a Caesarean section, whether my baby was okay, but it’s really great and I’m at the top of the world. I changed the placenta to a tablet. They really helped me last time, and they got a new liquid to help with anxiety, stress and sleep.

At the moment, I’m dealing very well. Anyway, I’m laid back, so I wake up every morning to send my kids to school, have breakfast, and clean up my house. Everything seems to be running smoothly. I’m waiting for the confusion.

Daniel says she’s dealing really well with the baby’s fall

C. She is very sweet. Who does she look like?

I think she’s literally like Ronnie. I wanted her to have a lot of hair, and she does.

How are you adapting to that newborn period again?

I was a little nervous about sleep deprivation, but I’m just keeping it going. It just feels normal, as I do anything for her. I don’t want to leave her for more than 5 minutes.

How do you find breastfeeding?

I started breastfeeding right away and obviously couldn’t get as much milk as I wanted because of all the surgery, but I’m expressing and she’s 2 a day ~ I’m drinking 3 bottles of milk, my midwife is really happy.

Michael is reaching out to his dad with his daughter

Is Michael pretty practical?

He really gets along with her. He’s like me, he keeps staring at her. I think we are both shocked.

Do the boys help her take care of her?

They love to hug her, helping me with the bottles and watching her while I’m taking a shower.

Have many of your friends and family met her?

The next day, my mother and father came down and Michael’s mother and father met her. Covid and she are so small that I’m wary of people coming. I’m one of the protected moms like “I need to do a Covid test!”

The former model is thinking of giving a sister in the fall-but she needs to convince Michael first

Did the birth of autumn bring you closer to your family?

100%. She definitely completed us.

You and Michael have recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Would you like to renew your vow?

Oh yeah, I’ve already told him! He said, “I will renew my vow in 10 years.” And I was like, “Can’t we do it with five people?”

Finally, what are your hopes and dreams for baby’s fall?

To be healthy, live a good life and be happy. I am very lucky. I heard Archie telling her, “I’ll protect you when you get older.” And my heart just melted!

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Daniel Lloyd introduces baby girl Autumn Rose: "She's perfect"

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