Daniel Lloyd admits she was “worried” because the baby was “quiet” with the bumps

Daniel Lloyd Revealed to all right! She was worried this week as her baby (now born at any time) experienced a “decreased movement” of bumps and became quiet.

In this week’s column, I’ll talk about why it’s sad for her 37-year-old to say goodbye to her last pregnancy, but I’m glad she’s no longer running the school …

Countdown is on

I am currently in the hospital because I am being monitored. Michael took me down, and I’m always in and out of people to check me and my baby. I felt good, but one night I came to the Covid test. I was asked about the baby’s movements, but I was a little worried because it was very quiet on weekdays.

When you reduce movement, they ask you to come to be monitored to check that everything is okay. So I was monitored in the evening and they asked me to come back the next morning. The kids were stressed just because I thought I was going to the Covid test. But that all seems fine. It’s better to be safe than to regret.

Daniel Lloyd opens what is being monitored in the hospital

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No more school runs

This week I haven’t done much except to color my hair. Michael was like, “Why are you perfecting your color?” And I said to him, “I want to look good!” He told me, “You are bloody.” I’m very happy to be able to do that and I want to feel better later, so I have one more thing to worry about later. I didn’t have time to do that when my baby was here, so I wondered why.

It’s good that it takes a little time for myself. I rested my luggage and prepared her clothes and bottles. Obviously he’s doing everything right now, so I think Michael is exhausted. I’m having a hard time doing school now, so I must be very tired!

Daniel Lloyd said Michael dropped her to the hospital
Daniel Lloyd said Michael dropped her to the hospital

Say goodbye to my last pregnancy

We haven’t decided on a name for the little girl yet, but we’re still looking for a list of possible names.

I was actually talking to the midwife about it. I feel like I’m going to be an unnamed baby for a while. I’m sure you’ll know her name when you hug her. It’s strange to think that this will be my last pregnancy.

I definitely miss having a bump, but I never miss this painful back pain! I think it’s sad to be the last, but I’m old and have a lot of children. The problem is that they grow very fast. Before I know it, we take care of our grandchildren.

Daniel Lloyd holding one of her puppies
Daniel Lloyd holding one of her puppies

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Baby under the tree

I haven’t planned when she will arrive yet, but all I know is that we are all very excited about Christmas! I wanted to build a tree this week, but Michael didn’t forgive me. He banned me until next weekend.

I’ve already bought a lot, so we grow up with our decorations! The boys are also really excited. George said he only wanted sisters for Christmas, and I was like, “Well, I’m glad you got it!”

Daniel Lloyd said she and her family were
Daniel Lloyd said she and her family were “very excited” this Christmas

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Daniel Lloyd admits she was "worried" because the baby was "quiet" with the bumps

Source link Daniel Lloyd admits she was "worried" because the baby was "quiet" with the bumps

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