Daniel Armstrong celebrates “the worst day of his life” as his daughter’s aura is rushed to the hospital

The only way is Essex Star Daniel Armstrong I just got home from her A gorgeous five-star holiday in Dubai with her fiancé, Tommy Edney and their daughter Aura.

The 33-year-old mother said she had a great time with her family, but Daniel admitted that the last day of her vacation after her one-year-old daughter Aura fell was “the worst day of her life.” I got out of her baby carriage and hit my head against the sun lounger.

Daniel began to explain the traumatic situation, revealing that his daughter’s head had bleeding in a nasty accident. She said it was important to share difficult times and happy moments in life.

“It was the last day of our holiday, typical! We had a nice holiday, and this particular day was honestly the worst day of my life,” she said. I said in the Instagram story.

Daniel Armstrong said she had “the worst day of her life” when her daughter Aura hit her head during the holidays.

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“Aura is the present age, [where she is] Climb everything. You can’t take your eyes off her, and she’s in this habit the moment she wants to get in, out, and enter the baby carriage.

“On this day, the break wasn’t a baby carriage, [so] She got into the baby carriage before I caught her. The baby carriage fell on her. She came out and hit her head against the sun lounger. ”

TOWIE’s Favorites – The person who was seen showing off the abdominal muscles of her washboard – Continued to see Aura’s head bleeding, so she and her fiancé rushed to get treatment at the hotel.

Daniel Armstrong said his daughter's aura's head was bleeding after her fall
Daniel Armstrong said his head was bleeding and he was rushed to receive treatment after his daughter’s aura fell.

“Everyone, the lump that came out of her head was like an egg, and soon it was on her head, and I saw blood,” she shared.

“I thought she broke her head open. I was screaming. As soon as that happened, I ran straight to the hotel block.

“Thankfully, they had a doctor’s clinic with emergency medical care on-site. The hotel was great, the staff were great. They called the ambulance her age, and It’s a head injury, but I remember when all of this was happening, I just felt scared. “

Daniel Armstrong shares his daughter's aura with his fiancé Tommy
Daniel Armstrong shares his daughter’s aura with his fiancé Tommy

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Daniel then talked about the “mother’s guilt” she experienced, and then told her fellow mothers the importance of talking online about incidents like these.

She added: “Obviously, I was worried about the aura, but I also felt this pure guilt. Sometimes there are accidents, it’s not our fault.

“Thankfully we went to the doctor, they were great there. They did all the checks they needed to do, she didn’t need stitches, thank God Masu, and it just heals over time, and swelling and ridges go down. “

Daniel Armstrong said she felt "That's horrible" With the guilty feeling of the mother
Daniel Armstrong said he felt “terrifying” with his mother’s guilt.

The reality star ended with the following words: “The last day of the holiday [was] I’m worried about that, but I think it’s important to ride here just because it’s not good for parents to pass through.

“You feel like the worst parent in the world.

“I just wanted to put it here and let you know that the aura is okay.”

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Daniel Armstrong celebrates "the worst day of his life" as his daughter's aura is rushed to the hospital

Source link Daniel Armstrong celebrates "the worst day of his life" as his daughter's aura is rushed to the hospital

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