Dani Dyer took a photo with new soccer player Bo Jarrod Bowen after confirming his romance

Dani Dyer After confirming their romance, she was found drinking coffee with her new boyfriend, Jarrod Bowen.

former Love island On Tuesday, November 16th, Star covered her black jeans and cream sweatshirt with a black coat of thick faux fur and finished off with a colorful crocodile print bag and thick boots.

The 25-year-old chose not to make up when she took a walk in London with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, squeezing a takeaway coffee.

24-year-old Jarrod was filmed with a coffee cup with a TV star. He wore a thick black hoodie on his cell phone and broke black skinny jeans.

Dani Dyer was discovered with her new soccer player Jarrod Bowen after confirming romance

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Witnessing the couple will come in a few days Dani confirms that he is dating a West Ham United soccer player..

Dani shared a snapshot of a couple enjoying a romantic date night in London, including a large bouquet of champagne and red roses. One mother wore a black mini dress for an opportunity with her new lover.

Dani spoke Sun About her up-and-coming new romance: “Everything is very early. Jarrod is a nice person and enjoys getting to know each other.

“But Santi has always been my top priority and he will always come first. I am focused on becoming a mother and beyond that it happens no matter what happens.”

Dani spent a romantic night with a West Ham player in London

Danny Dyer, Danny’s famous father, also congratulates the relationship because the actor’s father is a lifelong fan of West Ham.

Rumors have begun to spread that the couple has grown nearby in recent months after Dani split from her boyfriend Sammy Kimens earlier this year.

Sammy, the father of Dani’s son Santiago, was sentenced to 42 months in prison earlier this year after being convicted of fraud.

Since the split, one mother has adapted to life as a single mother, which “Emotional” time..

However The Love Island Star buddies said it was OK exclusively!Earlier this year A new romance with Bo Jarrod made Dani “really happy” again.

Dani is said to be “really happy” about her new romance

The insider revealed: “She is a really natural mother and she really adapted to a single mother despite the horrifying times she experienced. She dealt with me really amazingly.”

The encounter and fall of Jared “completely changed” the life of a TV personality navigating a new relationship with her 10 months old.

Sources added: “She looks really happy. From what she experienced, moving on to finding this really nice person has completely changed her life.”

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Dani Dyer took a photo with new soccer player Bo Jarrod Bowen after confirming his romance

Source link Dani Dyer took a photo with new soccer player Bo Jarrod Bowen after confirming his romance

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