Dancing on Ice’s Dan Whiston shares a “cheerful moment” Liberty pool lashes splatter in training

Dancing on ice Dan Whiston cuts his job as an associate creative director on the hit ITV show.

But with 10 successful series and three victories as a professional skater under his belt, no one is better suited for this role than the 45-year-old Blackpool-born star.

And when the hit series returns in 2022With an exciting lineup that includes the Strictly star and Corrie icon, Dan spills tea in his brand new weekly column. understood!Gives fans of the Dancing on Ice an inner scoop when celebrities go to the skating rink.

“Steam is coming out of the car’s tires. We’re going up and down the freeway to meet everyone and put everything together for the pro number,” Dan jokingly shared with us, “everything is really going well.” I added.

Dan Whiston, Associate Creative Director of Dancing On Ice, talks about what’s happening behind the scenes

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Dan, along with head coach Karen Barbour, oversees all the routines, spending a fulfilling time with each celebrity, not only making beginner skaters comfortable on the ice, but also making a lot of valuable routines. increase.

Dan says: “I will choreograph with most of the big opening numbers. I’ll actually be back on the ice this year. I’ll be playing with some of the exciting pro numbers.”

Love Island’s lineup Liberty pool, The person Dan described as a “notable person”.

According to Dan, the blonde reality star was training hard and her mother wore skates to support Liberty on the ice.

Liberty pool false eyelashes splattered during training

“There were a lot of falls and bruises on her behalf, but she worked, worked, and worked. She told me she really wanted to do this and said she loves skating,” Dan explains. Did.

Professional dancers also shared the hilarious moments of training. 21-year-old Liberty false eyelashes splattered during training.

Dan explained the fake pass, “She skated so fast this morning that her false eyelashes blew off. She came to training with her big false eyelashes and skated so fast that they quickly blew off.

Dan describes Liberty as a “notable person”

“She wasn’t regretted. She really took it into her steps. I told her she was showing how good her skating was to go fast enough to remove her eyelashes. She seemed “unbelievable”. !! “

“During the show, you need to get some very strong eyelash glue to keep them,” Dan added.

And Liberty wasn’t the only one to entertain Dan during the training process at Rugby Ace. Ben Foden Also, put a smile on the professional face.

“Ben shaved all his hair. Dan started.” Ben attended the training and said, “Dan, don’t worry. I shaved all my hair.” I was shocked. He said, “Yes, I’m completely shaved and ready for spray tanning.”

Dan shared that Ben Foden shaved his hair

“He said he wasn’t very happy about it because his wife really likes hairy breasts, but he had to go against the grain with it and he shaved all his hair. Maybe a little. The moment the meat is exhibited. “

Despite spending a lot of time with the stars prior to the Dancing on Ice debut, Dan said he and Karen are still experiencing the nerves that come on Sunday night.

They sit in the same seat every week and aim to be the star’s contact if they forget a step.

London, UK-October 30: Dan Wiston will attend the British Olympic Ball in Dochester, London, UK on October 30, 2013. (Photo by Karwai Tang / WireImage)

Dan explained: “I and Karen are nervous. We sit in the same seat every week. It’s a joke because everyone knows where we sit.

“We are in the front row and everyone knows where to find us. So if something goes wrong, everyone looks at us. When the camera comes towards us You can see that we are standing up and demonstrating with our arms crossed.

“We sit in the same place every week, so celebrities know where we are when they need help, and we support them.”

The Dancing on Ice 2022 series will begin at ITV on Sunday, January 16th at 6:30 pm.

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Dancing on Ice's Dan Whiston shares a "cheerful moment" Liberty pool lashes splatter in training

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