Dancing on Ice star Bez tested positive for Covid 24 hours after show debut

Dancing on ice Starvez tested positive for Covid-19.

Only 24 hours after he made his skate debut at the ITV show with his partner Angela.

However, Happy Mondays musician 57 has confirmed in a statement that he will be back in the show’s traditional movie week, Week 3.

Talking to the Daily Star on Monday night, the musician confirmed:

“I’m angry because I’m going to miss training, but I’m looking forward to skating again at the show in the third week. A companion who tunes at home and skates this weekend. I support you. “

ITV spokesman said understood!: “A rigorous protocol is in place to ensure the health and safety of all contributors and staff, which are regularly monitored and updated to reflect current guidelines.”

Dancing on Ice star Bez tested positive for Covid-19

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The new series started last night and I saw Happy Mondays Starvez appearing on his band’s track “Step On”.

He was at the bottom of the leaderboard with a score of 12.5, but he was voted directly for Movie Week by the general public. Lorraine Presenter Leah Hebden was involved in a skate off with his partner Lukas next week..

Bez’s positive test results are a devastating blow, and ITV bosses want to avoid another chaotic series that is now suspicious.

Last year, the series suffered from bad luck and some celebrities tested positive and were injured.

In fact, five celebrities had to withdraw from the show and the finals had to be pushed forward a week due to the reduced number.

Dancing on Ice contestant Bez made the history of the show in a Sunday launch episode, wearing a watermelon-patterned crash helmet for performance.

Bez had viewers talk after the first episode of the show, Make history as the first athlete to play in a safety helmet..

The helmet became part of his costume and was depicted as a watermelon in honor of the truck’s iconic line “You are twisting my melon, man”.

Dancing on Ice’s Rear Hebden is the first celebrity to face a horrifying skate off on a hit ITV show

host Philip Scofield I couldn’t hide his laughter and joked. “Because we are protecting your melon, you are the only one who has to wear a crash helmet and send it out onto the ice.

Bez replied that it wasn’t just a helmet. He also wore back braces, knee pads, knee pads, and something to “protect his old maracas.”

Next week, the remaining six celebrities will ride the ice. Love islandof Liberty pool, Former rugby player Ben Foden, And S Club 7 Star, Rachel Stevens..

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Dancing on Ice star Bez tested positive for Covid 24 hours after show debut

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