Dan Whiston of Dancing On Ice for Rachel Stevens’ “emotional” rehearsals: “She felt the pressure”

In another saturated and exciting Dancing on icethe standards were undeniably high, with Brendan Cole scoring the first nine in the series and Kimberly Wyatt scoring high in the 34.

It was Movie Week and while Bez entertained the audience with his playful skating habits and a slam hat, and Sally Danever was stunned by a brown wigthis was Ria Hebden, who was the second celebrity to be eliminated with her skating partner Lukasz Ruzicki.

Associate Creative Director of Dancing On Ice Dan Whiston shared his “shock” in his GOOD! column that Rachel Stevens ended up in the last two with Ria on Sunday night’s show.

Dan also informed us about some icy incidents during rehearsals, which celebrities are starting to compete and whether Kai will return next week after a knee injury.

Here is his spoon …

Dancing On Ice Associate Creative Director Dan Whiston shared his “shock” that Rachel Stevens has found herself in the last two

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We were shocked to see Rachel Stevens in the last two. She made her skating debut last night and there was a lot of pressure on her. She’s been working so hard this week, but she’s sometimes overwhelmed us on the ice. However, she collected it and collected it and I have the feeling that she has done a great routine. Now that she has one under her belt, I feel like the only way for Rachel is up now. She has self-confidence and she didn’t have that last week or the week before, when everyone else did. I think there are exciting things ahead for Rachel.

Rachel Stevens confirms return to Dancing On Ice after recovering from wrist injury
Rachel Stevens has had some “emotional” rehearsals


Brandon definitely deserved nine and if there is anything, now we will have to raise the actual results! Brandon and Vanessa had a really nasty fall. Vanessa stuck her blade in her suit and they both fell, and it takes so much courage to put that behind you and get out there, and they ended up skating beautifully. The show has a very, very high standard this year, much more than in the past, and the problem is that with such a high bar, everyone has to work extra to achieve results to get even better. So there will be more rehearsals, workouts and workouts because everyone is really pushing the boundaries. Hours must be invested. Everyone is so dedicated and gets to about half of the show and you can see certain people literally sleeping in their locker room to spend hours. You see it turn around and it’s almost like the desire to get to the top three just takes over your life.


When I watch Sally skate, she just melts my heart. She is so beautiful! After meeting her daughter, I realized that she looked so much like her with the wig that I couldn’t believe it! She looked so young, so amazing.

With Bez, we had to protect ourselves first and give him a helmet again, but we just went with an Indiana Jones hat a little bigger than usual to keep it inside! Everyone talks about Bez and I just like that. It’s really fun and I think that’s what everyone at home wants.

Coronation Street actress Sally Dainevor rocked Dancing On Ice fans in Sunday's episode as she unveils a new hair transformation
Coronation Street actress Sally Dainevor rocked Dancing On Ice fans in Sunday’s episode as she unveils a new hair transformation

The performance of Bez showed some amazing props, including this huge stone
The performance of Bez showed some amazing props, including this huge stone


Behind the scenes is madness. There are so many people working behind the scenes and they are running out on the ice, lamps are placed, air hoops are coming down and stones are rolling, people in costumes of zebras and lions are waiting to come out! If people could see what I see in commercial breaks, you wouldn’t believe it. Everyone is running around and people are shouting instructions at each other, and then all of a sudden it’s “hello, welcome back” and everything is so calm and smooth again. This makes the show magical. By the time I’m done, I’m exhausted and stress levels are above the roof.


We all hope so Kai will be back next week. Some of the things he did on the ice are amazing – he had his BMX on the ice! Then it can often be the smallest thing that causes the most damage. His blade caught and he fell to his knees in a very difficult position, injuring his knee. We decided that he would be able to skate again next week.

Liberty marveled in his zebra suit
Liberty marveled in his zebra suit


The costume team, hairstyle and makeup do such an amazing job. Liberty and Joe had to get out of their animal costumes and get a whole new look for their skate-off looks. The whole hairstyle and makeup had to be done again and in such a short time, it’s so impressive. They go down and into a small booth, which is the quick change area, and then there’s a team of people who just strip people and do their hair while someone else makes their costume. It’s such a quick turnaround, and if the production team wasn’t as good as they are, there’s no way the show is in the caliber it is.

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Dan Whiston of Dancing On Ice for Rachel Stevens' "emotional" rehearsals: "She felt the pressure"

Source link Dan Whiston of Dancing On Ice for Rachel Stevens' "emotional" rehearsals: "She felt the pressure"

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