Dad who had a pedophile friend dig his grave does not face murder

Instead, Vyacheslav Matrosov was charged with inciting Oleg Sviridov to take his life (Photo: east2west News).

After discovering that he had sexually abused his 6-year-old daughter, the distraught father who attacked his best friend will not be charged with murder.

Vyacheslav’Slava’ Matrosov, 34, was suspected of being stabbed in a Russian forest last year after having Oleg Sviridov dig his grave.

It was after Matrosov found an unpleasant footage on a friend’s phone and then appeared to indicate that his daughter was being forced to have sexual intercourse by Subiridov.

Matrosov was originally faced with an investigation into the murder case, but according to sources close to the case, the indictment was dropped with a groundbreaking decision.

Instead, he will now be charged with instigating Subiridov, 32, to take his life, which is shorter than the murder.

After he was involved in the murder of Subiridov, there was a wave of public support for Matrovov in the Samara region, and the incident attracted worldwide attention.

Matrosov (34 years old) (right) attacked his best friend Subiridov (left) after finding a graphic image on his mobile phone (Photo: east2west News).
Subiridov, 32, was found near the village of Vintai in this tomb he dug himself (Photo: east2west News).

Locals in the village of Pribrezhnoye raised funds for his first attorney’s fees and 2,500 people signed a petition demanding the defendant complete innocence.

They supported Matrosov’s “saving our children by excluding us from child sexual attackers.”

Prominent TV journalist and former Russian presidential candidate Xenia Sobchak told her followers:

A video of explicit sexual abuse found on Subiridov’s phone was taken when the girl was six years old.

She heard her appeal:’Oleg, that’s enough, I can’t stand it anymore. I want to go home. ‘

Matrosov, drawn with his daughter, no longer has to wear an electronic tag while waiting for the trial (Photo: east2west News).

Matrosov, a former rocket engine worker, has always denied murder and is now “happy” not to face the guilty of deliberately killing Subiridov.

He also does not need to wear an electronic tag, as he is awaiting a trial this year to “drive a person to commit suicide or attempt suicide by intimidation or abuse.”

Prosecutions can be sentenced to up to six years, often leading to non-detention sentences.

Detailed forensic evidence showed that Matrosov had not stabbed Subiridov in the woods, according to sources close to the incident. There, the bodies of the dead were later found in a temporary tomb.

It is alleged that Subiridov went to the police and was given an ultimatum to confess that he had sexually abused the girl and to face the wrath of his father.

According to relatives, Subiridov was seen to have been badly beaten on the day of September when he disappeared, more than a week before the body was found near the village of Vintai.

The other two children in the village are feared to have been abused by Subiridov.

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Dad who had a pedophile friend dig his grave does not face murder

Source link Dad who had a pedophile friend dig his grave does not face murder

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