Czech Republic Patrik Schick has revealed that he is afraid to fly as he aims to fly over England at Euro 2020.

Patrik Schick may be flying on the Euro 2020 scoring chart, but Czech strikers like to put their feet firmly on the ground.

For a three-goal forward that poses a major threat to England on Tuesday, one big hurdle must be overcome before arriving at Wembley — a trip to the United Kingdom.


Patrik Schick is co-top of the Euro 2020 score chart alongside Cristiano Ronaldo

Twenty-five-year-old Chic revealed that the constant movement with the team is causing problems due to the fear of flying.

The Czechs flew back and forth between Scotland twice last week, making another trek to the UK prior to the collision to determine the top of Group D.

As a result, Bayer Leverkusen stars will experience challenges while teammates like Tomáš Souček and Vladimir Kufal are tinkering with their peers on tomorrow’s flight from Prague.

Chic said: “It only takes two hours to fly to Scotland, but it can take four to five hours overall, so I’m still a little tired because I don’t really like planes.

“Friday night I tried to sleep a little, but others usually play board games.”

After two brilliant strikes ScotlandChic, including his half-way line special, topped the group with a one-third draw with Croatia.

Other well-known forwards, especially Harry Kane, struggle, but when he moves to Italy at the age of 20 as one of Europe’s hottest talents, it’s all easy for forwards who struggle to meet his claims. Will come.

Chic states: “It feels good to be on the table, but there are still more games left, and I believe the forwards show their strength.

“So I’m not thinking about this at all. Team success is more important to me for now.

“I was 20 when I went to Italy. My first year at Sampdoria was pretty good.

“After that, I moved to Rome, one of Italy’s largest clubs, but expectations were very high and I was still young.

“Maybe I wasn’t 100% ready for that step.”

Chic may not have been ready for Serie A, but despite finishing the Croatian match with a tattered nose, he is certainly working on a job to confront the Three Lions.

It was Dejan Lovren’s elbow-hooked striker who handed the controversial VAR penalty to the Czechs and inspired him in honor of his celebration. MMA Star Nate diaz..

No fractures were seen in the test, so now British Average defense not yet concessed EuroIs next to enter the battle with the Inform Forward.

He added: “Of course it was a lot of blood. I had to change the jersey.

“But the good thing is that my nose isn’t broken. It’s just swollen and I have some breathing problems.

“And that was the purpose of my celebration. I always wanted to honor my favorite MMA fighter who keeps his fight very, very bloody.

“We have four points, so that’s a pretty good position for us.

“I know there are some top quality top star players in England, but I didn’t have much chance in the first game, so maybe they’re having a bit of a hard time attacking.

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“But it will be difficult to play against them.

“Of course, I want to win. We need three points and want to secure a group.”

His view was repeated by assistant manager Izzy Chitley, who insisted that the Czech side would do everything in its power to win — even if that meant setting up the last 16 tougher games in the process. ..

Chytry said: “We go to England to have a good match and leave it to the higher powers.”

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Czech Republic Patrik Schick has revealed that he is afraid to fly as he aims to fly over England at Euro 2020.

Source link Czech Republic Patrik Schick has revealed that he is afraid to fly as he aims to fly over England at Euro 2020.

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