Cyber ​​security strategy in education in the UK

The education sector is currently far from exceptional in the area of ​​computer science maturity. Far from what one might think, the importance of educational institutions lies not only in their ability to shape the society of tomorrow, provide answers to the problems that arise or develop new technologies. Much of their relevance lies in the billions of data stored by their systems.

In fact, organizations in the education sector handle huge amounts of sensitive information on a daily basis, such as contact details of students, families, teachers and other staff, financial or social security information, highly sensitive scientific research data, digital medical equipment and connected or online platforms.

Precisely for these reasons, data from the education sector is incredibly valuable, but also extremely vulnerable.

According to a recent reportin 2021, the education and research sector suffered an average of 1,605 attacks per week, a 75% increase compared to 2020.

Primary schools, major universities, scientific research centers… all of these institutions are constantly at risk of suffering a catastrophic cyber incident. And that’s not surprising, given that the education sector faces many cybersecurity challenges, such as a lack of skilled staff, skills or budget.

To address this delicate situation, what the UK education sector needs is a Zero Trust approach that closely monitors access to critical resources, the implementation of the Least Privilege principle, which manages privileged access to sensitive resources or remote access security.

However, if you want to go a step further in protecting the most sensitive IT assets from ransomware, malware and cryptoviruses, Identity and Access Management solutions can ensure complete and robust security of the infrastructure by controlling user access to the “jewels of the crown”.

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Cyber ​​security strategy in education in the UK

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