Curtis Delamere is lying to access Oliver’s fund from Steve McDonald

CURTIS Delamere is lying to access Oliver’s funds from Steve Macdonald on Coronation Street next week.

Played by Sam Letford on ITV soap, the student is keen to raise some money for Steve and Lian Buttersby’s son by performing the Three Peaks Challenge.


Coronation Street Curtis De La Mere is lying about participating in the Three Peaks ChallengeCredit: ITV
What is Curtis doing?


What is Curtis doing?Credit: ITV

Oliver sadly died in November 2020 after fighting a life-threatening mitochondrial disease.

Curtis, engaged to Steve’s daughter Emma, ​​agrees to challenge him to spend money on the fund.

But Curtis suffers from heart disease, so Emma is worried, which can put him at risk.

The waitress then asks her if she wants to do it with him, and he politely declines.

Meanwhile, Emma’s half-sister Amy Barlow tells her mother Karen and her father Steve that she wants to go to college and study business.

Tracy was obsessed with her promise to Emma and told her street car co-owner that she had to reduce the size of her wedding.

Amy heard them all talking about the future and decided to stay close to home for education to make it easier for everyone.

While all this is in progress, Curtis sets out for a fundraising event.

Waiters are organized to meet charity workers, and it’s very clear that Curtis will not participate in the Three Peaks Challenge.

Was there any reason he was so stubborn that he wanted to do it alone?

What is Curtis doing?

Fans of the hit show have become suspicious of Curtis in the last few weeks.

Earlier this month they said he Lie about his illness After the “very suspicious” clue string.

He often strives not to disclose too much information about his life-threatening conditions.

A medical student has also recently fainted and downplayed the seriousness of his situation.

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Curtis Delamere is lying to access Oliver’s fund from Steve McDonald

Source link Curtis Delamere is lying to access Oliver’s fund from Steve McDonald

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