Cuomo shares a Thanksgiving family photo with her daughter in a $ 1,300 sweater

Lindsey Boylan, 36 years old

Former aide Lindsey Boylan, 36, was the first woman to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment in a medium post on February 24th. In 2017.

Lindsey Boylan, 36 years old

Charlotte Bennett, 25 years old

25-year-old Charlotte Bennett came out a few days before Boylan and sexually harassed Cuomo in June last year when he was working as a health policy adviser in his administration in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Insisted.

Bennett accused Cuomo of “care” for her and asking inappropriate questions about her sexual life.

She also claimed to have told her he was open to dating a woman in her twenties.

Bennett said the governor asked her about her romantic life-including whether she had sex with an older man-and talked about himself, age differences are important in relationships. Instead, he was open to dating women over the age of 22.

When the governor met alone in his office, Bennett said he was lonely and wanted to hug someone.

She immediately complained to Cuomo’s Chief of Staff and said she had been transferred to another job.

She consulted with the governor’s lawyer, but said she liked her new post and wanted to move on, so she didn’t insist on further action.

Charlotte Bennett, 25 years old

Anna Lucy, 33 years old

Anna Luck was the third woman to blame Cuomo for sexual harassment and was the only woman so far who had not worked with him as an expert. She claimed that Cuomo had put her hand on her face and asked if she could kiss her shortly after meeting at her September 2019 wedding in Manhattan.

Anna Lucy, 33 years old

Anna Lis, 35 years old

Former aide Anna Lis, 35, said Cuomo asked her if she had a boyfriend and once kissed her hand at her desk, “Blondie,” “lover,” and “honey.” I called her with a patronage such as.

At the reception, the governor hugged her and wrapped her arms around her hips and hips as she posed to take a picture, Lis said.

She said she eventually asked for a job change. In an interview, Lis said, “I’m not claiming sexual harassment itself,” but the administration felt “it wasn’t a safe place for young women to work.”

Lis, who was an aide to Cuomo’s policy and operations from 2013 to 2015, told The Wall Street Journal that during his administration, the governor touched her hips, kissed her hands, and quizzed. He said he had exposed her to one-sided progress. About her love life.

Anna Lis, 35 years old

Karen Hinton, 62

The oldest allegation against Cuomo was from Karen Hinton. Karen Hinton led the US Department of Housing and Urban Development 20 years ago and served as his press aide when he was a consultant to the department. Hinton told The Washington Post about the 2000 incident when Cuomo summoned her to his “dim” hotel room and hugged her after a work event. She said she tried to pull her away from Cuomo when she pulled her back and hugged her before she escaped from the room.

Karen Hinton, 62

6th unnamed whistleblower

The most terrifying allegation leveled against Cuomo so far came from the sixth whistleblower whose name was not disclosed.

According to the Albany Times Union, a whistleblower who was a member of Cuomo’s staff claimed to have closed the door, reached under the blouse, summoned her to the governor’s residence in Albany, and then caressed her.

It first reported her accusations last month. She then elaborated on this issue in her first interview on Wednesday.

Her identity is known within the governor’s circle, but the woman spoke on anonymous terms to protect her privacy, the Times Union reported.

The executive assistant woman told the Times Union that the governor would kiss her cheeks for years and hug him improperly, saying, “If you’re single, I’ll do you.” Ready to do. “

Then one day in November, she said she was summoned to his executive mansion office to help with his cell phone problem.

He got up from his desk, began groping for her, and after trying to distract him by saying she was going to bother them, he said to her, “I don’t care,” and he closed the door. She said.

Then he reached under her blouse and grabbed one of her breasts in her bra, she told the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the woman talked to her colleague about alleged encounters this winter, who told her boss in early March.

In a March statement, Cuomo called the report “genuine pain” and said “I have never done this.”

Another female aide, who remained anonymous, called her to an executive mansion last year, reaching under a blouse and claiming to caress her.

Jessica Bakeman

Jessica Bakeman, in a first-person article in New York Magazine, claims to have been sexually harassed by Cuomo several times since she began her journalism career in 2012.

Bakeman continued to deny all allegations and added her voice as the seventh whistleblower to elaborate on improper contact by the governor.

“He took my hand to shake it and then refused to let it go,” Bakeman wrote about his interaction with Cuomo, who said good night at the 2014 holiday party when she was only 25 years old.

“He put his other arm on my back and his hand on his hip and held me firmly while asking the photographer to pose for the photo.”

At the time, Bakeman was working in what is now Politico New York, claiming that her “work was to analyze and scrutinize him,” so the red flag was raised.

“I don’t want a picture of him with his hands on my body and a smile on my face,” she wrote.

Jessica Bakeman, a reporter who once reported on the Cuomo administration, was the seventh woman to file a complaint of harassment.

“But I made calculations about reflexive assessments, risks and powers and self-preservation that most women and marginalized people instinctively know. Rather than challenge one of the most powerful men in the country. But I knew it was much easier to smile in the short moment it took to take a picture.

In an early 2012 incident where she worked for USA Today, Bakeman also claims that when Cuomo spoke to a male colleague, he left her fixed to his side.

“He left it there and kept me fixed next to him for a few minutes when he finished talking about him,” she said. “I was standing there. My cheeks were hot and my male colleague was laughing just as nervously. We all knew it was wrong, but did nothing. did not.”

A reporter currently working in Florida claimed that Cuomo “never forgets that I was a female.” She also claimed that she frequently tried to humiliate her, such as calling a purple phone instead of answering questions during a press gag.

Alyssa McGrath, 33 years old

McGrath, the current administrative assistant at Cuomo’s office, told The New York Times that she was beautiful, using an Italian phrase that had to look down on her shirt, ask her about her marriage history, and ask her parents for interpretation. Told.

McGrath did not say that the governor had sexual contact with her, but thought his behavior was sexual harassment.

She remembered that Cuomo was kissing her with her forehead and holding her side firmly while posing for a photo at the 2019 office Christmas party.

Alyssa McGrath (pictured) is one of two aides who came out earlier to harass and blame the governor.

Sherryville, 55 years old

Shelley Bill, 55, accused Cuomo of sexual misconduct at a press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred on Monday.

She claims that Cuomo grabbed her face in May 2017 and kissed her cheeks “in a positive and sexual way” while touring her home. Greece, Near Rochester, when he investigated local flood damage.

Bill, who said he felt uncomfortable at the time, shared the images his daughter took that day, holding his face while Cuomo was kissing his cheeks, and a lawyer taking multiple photos of the governor in the house. I raised it.

The same photo appears in Cuomo’s Flickr account, and several other photos show him kissing and greeting residents while touring the town.

None of the women in the other pictures have accused the governor of improper behavior or misconduct.

Sherry Bill, 55, accused Cuomo of sexual misconduct on Monday. Bill, who said he felt uncomfortable at the time, shared the images his daughter took that day, showing that Cuomo was holding her face while kissing her cheeks.

Cuomo shares a Thanksgiving family photo with her daughter in a $ 1,300 sweater

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