Cristiano Ronaldo poses with his four kids on a lovely Dubai beach snap

Cristiano Ronaldo While sunbathing in Dubai, fans shared a lovely family snap with their four kids and fans were in awe of the football players.

Sitting on a stunning beach and as the sun began to set, a 36-year-old Manchester United player wrapped his arm around his chick-Cristiano Jr. (11), twins Eva and Mateo (4), Alana Martina (4 years old). With my girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

The kids grinned next to him when he showed off his 6-pack buff in his swimsuit shorts.

The oldest Cristiano also seemed to pose next to the ball and enjoy a soccer match on the beach.

“Proud dad,” the soccer player captioned his sweet post.

Cristiano shared a sweet snap with four kids during his vacation to Dubai

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It comes as Cristiano and Georgina As she expects twins, in October they announced that they would soon grow their family into six children.

“I’m happy to announce that I’m expecting twins. Our hearts are full of love. I can’t wait to see you. # Blessed,” said the highest-paying sportsman. ..

Dubai is very popular with sportsmen, who regularly return to the country for traveling alone with their families.

Shortly after Christmas, Manchester United players shared a tribute to the country that regularly praises him with a hologram of his face in front of their towering landmark Burj Khalifa at a special event.

Cristiano and Georgina shared a sweet New Year photo of their family

He called the country of the United Arab Emirates “beautiful and wonderful” and acknowledged its amazing architecture and “kind people”.

Cristiano looked back for a few weeks as he shared his thoughts on 2021’s career growth with another image of his beloved family.

In no time, the soccer player enjoyed a glass of champagne with his beautiful girlfriend and the four children around him.

The couple seemed to enjoy a New Year’s dinner in a fashionable hotel featuring stunning silver ornaments and large white flower trees.

Cristiano and Georgina expect twins (boys and girls) together

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The two girls wore matching white frilled blouses stitched with a green bow and a gingham skirt. Boys, on the other hand, wore sports tops and jeans more casually.

“2021 is nearing the end, and despite scoring 47 goals in every tournament, it’s far from an easy year,” he captioned the post, more than Manchester United in 2022. We talked about football plans to make it a good club. ..

“But I’m not happy with what I’ve achieved in humans. United. Not all of us are happy, I’m sure it,” explained an ambitious player.

“We know we have to work harder, play better, and offer more ways than we currently offer.

“Make this New Year’s Eve a turning point for this season! Accept 2022 with a higher spirit and a stronger spirit. Take us up, reach out to the stars and make this club Let’s put it in the place where it belongs! Please join us. We look forward to your expectations. “Happy new year.

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Cristiano Ronaldo poses with his four kids on a lovely Dubai beach snap

Source link Cristiano Ronaldo poses with his four kids on a lovely Dubai beach snap

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