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Creepy Moments ‘World’s Creepiest Shark’ Circles With One Eye And ‘Crazy Teeth’ Diver

The terrifying footage captures the moment two scuba divers come face-to-face with the world’s most ‘creepy’ shark.

A diver was exploring an aquarium in a shopping center. dubai when the one-eyed beast looked down on them.


The moment the shark is inches away from the two diversCredit: You Tube/ts_Weebo
The pair were inside an aquarium in Dubai's shopping center


The pair were inside an aquarium in Dubai’s shopping centerCredit: You Tube/ts_Weebo
Sand shark lost an eye and had deformed teeth and gums


Sand shark lost an eye and had deformed teeth and gumsCredit: You Tube/ts_Weebo

onlookers are huge shark It swam just a few meters away from them, with deformed gums and strangely protruding teeth.

The divers seemed surprisingly calm in the face of the terrifying predator.

A shocking image shows the two trying to get on their nerves as the sand tiger shark moves closer and closer.

At the last moment, the creature turns away, leaving the diver unharmed.

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One of our divers posted a blood-chilling close-quarters video. Youtube “Every time I’m in that mall, I’m just waiting for someone to break apart.

“Well, it’s time for me to be that person.”

They continued, “This shark clearly has the craziest teeth of any shark in the tank…he was in my face.

“Everyone is watching and just waiting for that beating…and of course I thought that was the end.”

The clip was soon flooded with comments from horrified YouTubers who couldn’t believe what they just saw.

“I really applaud the guy,” she wrote. There is no doubt that

“They are bigger in person, so I don’t know if I can do something like this.”

Another user added, “It looks especially ugly because it has no eyes and deformed gums.”

A third said:

“This is the closest I’ve come to a shark. Hats off to all of you.”

An endangered species, sand tiger sharks usually attack humans only in self-defense.

It is not known how the shark lost its eyes or what caused its disfigured appearance.

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The Dubai Mall Aquarium, where the animals are housed, offers daily opportunities for visitors to “wear an oxygen helmet that allows them to breathe underwater and walk with the world’s ultimate predator.”

The company’s website proudly states that “the tank is home to over 400 sharks and rays, including the world’s largest collection of sand tiger sharks.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20502715/shark-aquarium-shopping-mall-dubai-divers-video/ Creepy Moments ‘World’s Creepiest Shark’ Circles With One Eye And ‘Crazy Teeth’ Diver

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