Creative Beach Wedding Ideas For Sun Loving Couples

Planning a beach wedding? There’s nothing better than enjoying the sun on your wedding day and feeling the sand beneath your feet. Here are a few creative ways to make your wedding that extra bit special.

  1. Wedding arch

When you get married on the beach, there is usually no clear indicator where the aisle starts and finishes. A great way to jazz up the space is to add a wedding arch as the backdrop as you say you vows. This way, you can still see the gorgeous scenery around you, but just gives it that wedding flair. Decorating it with florals always looks stunning and is a great way to make sure it matches the rest of your wedding décor!

  1. Wedding aisle

Whether you just don’t want to walk on the bare sand or you have a long dress that you don’t want to get dirty, adding an aisle runner is a great option. Not only does it give you a clean(ish) walkway, but it also defines the space where you will be walking, so your guests know to keep it clear!

It’s entirely up to you the style of aisle you choose to go for, whether you prefer a boho hessian runner or a classic white cotton strip. And don’t forget, you can always add some decoration with flowers or tea lights!

  1. Beach wedding outfits

When you’re having a beach wedding, you’ll want to think about your outfits. For the wedding dress, it’s probably best to go for a lighter dress that doesn’t come with a big train. All you will be doing is dragging sand around, and you’ll probably be finding it everywhere for days!

For suits, you might want to think about lighter fabrics, like a cotton or linen shirt and banishing the blazer. Having the beach as your wedding venue is all about embracing the outdoors and keeping it a little bit more casual! After all, it will probably be a warm, sunny day if you’re saying I Do outdoors!

  1. Beach mats instead of chairs

Depending how laid back you want to be, you could choose cushions and beach mats as your guests’ seating rather than chairs. Not only is this fun and relaxed, but you won’t have to worry about chairs sinking in to the sand, or worse, the uneven ground sending your guests flying!

If you would still rather offer chairs, you could opt for fun deck chairs (nice ones, of course) so you can embrace the beautiful beach without being sat directly on the floor!

  1. Go bare foot

Who can resist feeling the sand between their toes when they go to the beach? And of course, you can’t go for a paddle in the sea if you’re wearing shoes. So why not go bare foot? No one enjoys the feeling of sand seeping into their shoes and letting your feet free just adds to the boho beach wedding theme!

  1. Flip flops for the guests

If going bare foot isn’t your thing, offering flip flops to all your guests is a fun idea. That way, no one has to ruin their shoes (or sink their heels) and they have memorabilia of your wedding. You could go the extra mile by personalising them with your wedding date, wedding hashtag, or even the guest’s name.

  1. Personalised sunbrellas

If you’re having a beach wedding, it’s likely you will be marrying under the beautiful sunshine. As lovely as hot weather is, you don’t want your guests to be overheating and uncomfortable. Personalised sunbrellas are a great way to combat this. If everyone has a matching umbrella that goes with your wedding theme and décor, all your wedding photos will still look stunning. Personalising them isn’t necessary, but it can be a lovely touch and a great keepsake for you and your guests.

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