Crawley Town FC. The accusations of separating the players will be considered modern “apartheid” UK news

The claim that players of different ethnic backgrounds were separated from their white counterparts at Crawley Town FC, according to one of the anti-racism campaigners, would be considered modern “apartheid”.

The scandal surrounding the Ligue 2 club focuses on manager John James, who was temporarily removed during three separate investigations.

Many players have accused him of repeatedly using insulting racist expressions, even forcing non-white players to use different locker rooms.

Sky News spoke with one of the former players, who has now left the club after being led by Yams.

The footballer wished to remain anonymous, but said that he believed that the allegations of racist language and the division of players, in his opinion, “all true.”

He added. “It affected my friends, with whom I am still close.”

Crowley Town manager John James after the Sky Bet League Two game with the players in Swindon County Ground.

Anti-racism advocate Sean Campbell told Sky News he was horrified by the allegations.

“If that’s right, this will be apartheid with its last horse in the UK,” he said.

“It belongs to the past, not to the present, not to the future. This is an extremely low point in the fight against racism and discrimination.”

Apartheid was an institutionalized system of racial segregation that existed in South Africa, South West Africa, until the early 1990s.

Sky Sports News understands that seven players have lodged complaints with the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), which is investigating and supporting those involved. The new American owners of the Football Association (FA) և club have also launched an investigation.

Last night, Crowley Town held a fan forum in their area, where supporters were told they could not ask questions due to the ongoing investigation into the matter.

After the meeting, season ticket owner Chris Cheshire told Sky News that he was worried about what was supposed to be. “It concerns us all very deeply, but we have to wait for facts and evidence,” he said.

“If they prove that they are not right, he will presumably continue.

The club was recently brought in by American investors who stopped Yams eleven days ago when they found out what was supposed to be.

“We take the accusations very seriously.”

The owners declined to be interviewed by Sky News, but have previously called the allegations “serious and credible.”

Kick It Out CEO Tony Burnett told Sky News: “They are not talking about micro-aggression, they sound like very serious accusations. We are very happy that the authorities are serious about this, they are doing what they have to do to get to the bottom of it.

“Once we reach a conclusion, we should expect transparency. They will be held accountable for the game being right when it comes to the next steps.”

The spokesman of the FA said. «We are aware of the allegations against Crawley Town manager John James.

“We take the allegations very seriously and are currently investigating. We can not comment further until it is over. “

Mr. James has not yet responded to Sky News’ comments.

The preliminary investigation is underway, but no conclusion has been reached yet.

Crowley Town are currently 12th in the Ligue 2, and Lewis Young, the brother of former England star Ashley Young, has taken charge of the first team for the final game of this weekend.

Crawley Town FC. The accusations of separating the players will be considered modern “apartheid” UK news

Source Crawley Town FC. The accusations of separating the players will be considered modern “apartheid” UK news

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