Craig Charles and his family on Coronation Street are “lucky to be alive” after a house fire

Coronation Street Star Craig Charles He is “lucky to be alive” after he and his family were able to wake up in time after a terrifying fire began to hit the house.

A 57-year-old actor who starred as Lloyd Mullane in ITV soap from 2005 to 2015 was a catastrophic accident that revealed that one wall of his house was burning and becoming a Christmas ornamental wreath. I explained about.

Fortunately, the presenter, his wife, and the children were all saved by the smoke detector because they were able to grab the water in the bucket and put out the flames just in time.

“I came up with it when I was doing the show, so I’m going to actually share this,” the comic shared on his afternoon playlist on BBC 6 Music.

Craig Charles began a terrifying experience after a fire broke out in his family’s home.

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“Last night or early this morning, my life was saved by a smoke detector. In fact, the lives of my entire family were saved by a smoke detector. Watch out for candles.

“What happened … Someone left the fridge door open in my dream, and when the fridge door was open for a long time, it started beeping, so I kicked off in my dream. ..

“Then I heard one of my daughters yelling,’Dad, dad, the smoke detector is ringing.’

“We got up and got off and became like a wreath on the mantelpiece of twigs, berries, holly and candles,” Craig continued. “I think it’s probably me who blows out the candles. I’m not sure, but I’m just responsible and lit the wreath that lit the fireplace wallpaper.

Collie actor shared an image of his home area struck by flames

“We had this oval leather mirror and the frame was really hot and burning, so the leather was clearly stretched over the plastic frame. I couldn’t see anything everywhere. There was smoke in. “

The comedian went on to say that in the family’s home, “the entire wall needs to be redone” and “the ceiling is soot black”, but things could have gotten worse.

“The main room in front of the house only smells of stimulating plastic smoke, so be prepared with a smoke detector and watch out for candles,” said the presenter, saying the trauma experience is “very scary.” I added.

Craig said he and his family were saved from the flames because his daughter heard the smoke detector.

“I’m glad I removed it from my chest,” Craig added, congratulating her daughter on telling the whole family.

The star also shared an unforgettable image of the realm of his property, completely devastated by the flames. A sad sight of red and green boring things shining in the genocide.

“My daughter Aj was able to turn the fire in our house into a work of art the other night,” former Red Dwarf Icon tweeted his followers.

“I still feel incredibly lucky,” he said.

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Craig Charles and his family on Coronation Street are "lucky to be alive" after a house fire

Source link Craig Charles and his family on Coronation Street are "lucky to be alive" after a house fire

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