Covid’s legendary elbow frontman Guy Garvey turns his ninth album into a “love-filled record”

LOCKDOWN made Elbow feel “confused, nostalgic, and far away from loved ones.”

They turned that experience into their ninth album, the stunning Flying Dream 1.


Elbow frontman Guy Garvey says the band will turn the blockade experience into their ninth album, the stunning Flying Dream 1.Credit: Offer
Garvey revealed that the pandemic contains many dramas. It's a gentle and loving record.


Garvey revealed that the pandemic contains many dramas. It’s a gentle and loving record. “Credit: Offer

“Our songs are about life dramas, so they’re good for life dramas,” says the singer. Guy Garvey..

“And that Pandemic It contains a lot of dramas. It’s a gentle and loving record. The gentle side of what we do is always our favorite. This can only happen in these times. If I was on tour instead of blocking it at home, I think it would have been a angry rock record like before. “

Garvey is his studio in Brixton, South London, where he is full of warmth and charm.

It was an early start as his toddler son Jack (along with his wife and actress Rachael Stirling of Detectorists) woke him up early. “After playing a bit, I wrote a song about ants,” he laughs. “He recently started a small school and is gorgeous.”

Garvey said how his music was pandemic with his bandmates Craig Potter (keyboard, piano, production), Mark Potter (guitar), and Pete Turner (bass). It states that it is the only indicator of.

He states: And because we all had different schedules — young people were homeschooling their kids in Manchester while I was in London with Rachel and Jack — the time we were all there. Could not be identified. So we always communicate textually with the four people on the thread and never actually get into the individual details.

“That’s why I’m in love with life”

“The only sign I had about what my best companion was was how the music sounded. When Pete submitted the music to Calm And Happy, it felt like he was. It sounds weird and worried. “

This album is reminiscent of the airy minimalism of the work after the talk talk. Garvey says its creation was the lifeline of a band formed in Berry in 1997. He adds: It was an important time for me as Rachel’s mom started living with us in March and died in September. “

Garvey’s mother-in-law was Diana Rigg, a screen icon who died at the age of 82 in the fall of 2020 after being diagnosed with lung cancer in early 2020.

Garvey said of the time: I hear the cliché that spending the last day with someone is a privilege, and it really was.

“I made great friends with Diana. We were friends. Rachel said the theater went dark when her mother got sick. Diana loved life so much that she She was very practical and very brave. She would say, “I had a great time, and I’m not scared.”

“My wife was miraculous and just incredible. She had to be Jack’s mother, daughter, and 24-hour nurse, a buoyant and wonderful mother, and at the same time taking medication. I had to remember. She urged me to still work, so I married a bloody angel, so I started making elbow lockdown videos. Now when I look at them , You can see how troubled I am. I look devastated. And I think it was just like that. Feeling. “

At the end of every video, you’ll see a list of fans who requested the song. And they were all looking for more romantic and gentle songs.

Guy Garvey

Elbow recorded the #elbowrooms session during the initial blockade and uploaded the clip to YouTube. Those performances will be an inspiration to start writing new records. Garvey said: “At the end of every video, you’ll see a list of fans who requested the song.

“And they all wanted a more romantic and gentle song, so we said how great it would be to come out on the other side with a piece to show it.

“All that beautiful is our favorite music, such as Scattered Black And Whites (from our debut album Asleep In The Back) and Switching Off (from Cast Of Thousands in 2003).”

Garvey says it was an organic process in which the band sent him music while singing when the idea came to mind. One of the tracks created this way is The Seldom Seen Kid, which shares a name with the band’s classic 2008 album. Both were inspired by Garvey’s friend Bryan Glancy, who died in 2006.

Garvey said: “I was looking out the window with the microphone open in front of my desk and it was raining. And I didn’t make any noise for about an hour. I heard what Craig sent me in a loop. Then I started to say what I saw — the rain that fills my roses, an old photo around the room, including a photo of Brian Grancy. I see him and Rachel, And I imagined what the explosion would be and how much they love each other.

“Every band is familiar with the two people I’m writing, and when they reach the lyrics and the” whirlpool of chaos and calm, “it’s their music: piano and bass. It’s time to bring it in. The song is their love for the two in the song. “

“Something like magic”

By changing the priority of the blockade and spending more time with his family, Garvey says there are songs inspired by his loved ones. A gentle and nimble come-on, Blue was inspired by his son Jack (currently four).

The singer confirms as follows. And that was what Pot (Mark Potter) started musically. It had a very pleasant chorus musically, so I thought it was part of the music intended to bring comfort. As Pot wrote, it had something magical and reminded me of the night sky that was completely visible as it was clean.

“The whole song is that when people are gone, they’re never really gone. It’s like being inspired to talk about Brian again. The song is me and Jack’s starry sky. Eventually, one day, after I’m gone, he’ll look at the starry sky alone. But I want him to feel that I’m with him, and that I love him I want you to know. “

The swirling, anthemic “What am I without you?” Is another prominent being. Garvey describes the album’s closer: This is a simple message. We have a very Beach Boys lift on it-it’s God Only Knows. It was this crazy song that Craig put together.

“We were in an empty theater, so we decided on a place at the end of the record to lift our spirits. It’s hurt, greedy and full of soul. Sounds like talking to Jack. “What am I doing on earth if I can’t put you to sleep?”

“I was writing about Rachel and her taking care of her mother. I recently she watered because she miraculously keeps us all together and keeps us working. Shows how you’re looking at walking on. Flying Dream 1 is a happy record with a great yard making great efforts. You won’t regret or get bored about it. But it’s still very mellow. And finally, there’s a huge national anthem of love. ”

It was a bunch of middle-aged men weeping to meet each other — and we were fed up!

Guy Garvey

A friend of almost 25 years, the blockage forced Elbow to take the longest break in history.
So it was a big celebration to meet again to record Flying Dream 1 at Brighton’s Sky Theater Royale.

Garvey said: I drank a lot. That was the first thing we did before playing in front of each other in this big auditorium. “

Elbow’s manager suggested studios like Real World and Rockfield, but the band didn’t want to go anywhere in the house. Garvey said: You want to meet your child and family, but even if you turn the corner, you can’t see.

“It was the same in London. So I decided to do it because of the old theater. We always wanted to make the album live, but we have a studio environment.

“The theater curfew was at 10 pm and helped create the album. If you were allowed to continue later, you would get drunk and cancel all decisions the next day. I slept in the middle of the night and opened the store the next morning, so everything was fine and I had a good time.

“And the great thing is that we got together in a city we’re not familiar with, Brighton, but we have a history. We won the first chart location on the tour. AsleepInTheBack was No14. 20 We were on the beach in Brighton when the tour manager told us a year ago. “

“We belong to the road”

Ask how they stayed on the ground when other bands interfered with ego and debate.

Garvey said: “The problem is usually the people around the artist. We once had this big charity event. Coldplay When Lady Gaga As she roamed behind the scenes, her guards told me that no one was allowed to leave their dressing room.

“So when Chris Martin knocked on the door and said,’Do you want to take a picture with Gaga?’, We were in the dressing room for 10 minutes, so we were all with her. I took a big picture. She was cute and didn’t think about the rules that were made about her. “

On Tuesday, Elbow played Night & Day for Passport: Back to Hour Roots in Manchester. This is a series of one-off gigs nationwide that support independent venues.

Garvey said: “The last time I played was 15 years ago. These places are always on the Breadline. They are running for love and art. So we want them to survive the worst pandemic. I wanted to do as much as I could.

“Other parts of the world treat rock music like ballet and opera. We respect it. Music imposes millions of taxes on this country, but it is equally respected. No. It makes us look stupid. “

But looking to the future, all elbows will be 50 in three years. I wish I had 10 albums by then.

Guy Garvey

Returning to the road was a blessing for the band.

Garvey said: “This is where we belong and this new record is special and I’m looking forward to it. I want to stay in the theater properly for a week. But looking to the future, the elbows are all in three years. I’m 50 years old. I wish I had 10 albums by then.

“So touring this, doing some festivals next year, and then yeah, Elbow: Musical …”

  • Flying Dream 1 has been released.
Almost 25 years of friend blockade forced Elbow to take the longest break in history


Almost 25 years of friend blockade forced Elbow to take the longest break in historyCredits: Getty-Contributors
It was a big celebration to meet again to record Flying Dream 1 at Brighton's Sky Theater Royal.


It was a big celebration to meet again to record Flying Dream 1 at Brighton’s Sky Theater Royal.Credits: Getty-Contributors
Garvey said:


Garvey said:Credits: Getty-Contributors
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Covid’s legendary elbow frontman Guy Garvey turns his ninth album into a “love-filled record”

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