Covid UK: The absence of NHS staff due to the virus has reached a maximum of 10 weeks

NHS Staff Due to absence ვიდed They have reached a 10-week high as nursing leaders are urging health care leaders to be more transparent in the face of plans to reduce the publication of “vital” weekly data.

NHS England released its latest weekly update on staff absenteeism on Thursday, and new data show that last week an average of 28,500 employees fell ill each day for cowboy-related causes.

Recently, the weekly average was higher when it reached 30,375 in the week of January 23, 2022.

The news comes after hospitals and ambulance services across the country announced critical incidents due to “extreme pressure”.

The latest figures show 9,972 incidents when ambulances were delayed outside the A&E by more than an hour, while 94 per cent Hospital The beds were busy.

Shared in a letter Independent Amanda Pritchard, head of NHS England, and Carol Popleston, chairwoman of the Royal College of Nursing, said: NHS SitReps will end this week.

“As members of the NHS Nursing and Medical Workforce, we believe it is essential to have real-time information available about the professional experience of our members. Transparent direct data is crucial to see the level of staff absenteeism associated with Kovid. This month alone saw a sharp increase of 82 per cent – in line with the growing number of cases across the country.

The letter states that information on staff absences is “vital” and warns against returning to the monthly publication of statistics.

He added: “We understand that NHS trusts are still required to report their local absence, and this data needs to be updated for the public and organizations like ours with the same level of regularity and detail. This is important for ensuring transparency and accountability in the NHS workforce. ”

NHS England contacted the answer as to whether it would continue to publish weekly data, but did not respond.

NHS Medical Director Stephen Powys said in a statement released on Thursday: “Today’s figures sum up how busy NHS staff is now – with a growing number of covidiums and emergency room patients and 94 per cent of beds now occupied, they are also working. The highest number of staff infected with the virus in 10 weeks – an average of 28,500 employees per day.

“Our front-line staff work closely with social care providers to ensure that patients leave the hospital as soon as they can, while hospitals increase the number of beds and create additional opportunities in response to increasing pressure.”

Covid UK: The absence of NHS staff due to the virus has reached a maximum of 10 weeks

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