Covid UK News Live: Matt Hancock Gives MP Evidence of Coronavirus

Matt Hancock Evidence will be submitted to members of the Health and Social Welfare Commission Thursday morning. It is expected to respond to the explosive allegations that Dominic Cummings lied to colleagues and the general public. Coronavirus crisis.

The Minister of Health may face questions about how care homes were treated in the early stages of the pandemic.

One of Cummings’ claims since last month was that Boris Johnson was furious when he learned that an untested inpatient had been discharged to a long-term care facility. Former aide claimed that Mr Hancock promised that it wouldn’t happen.

Hancock later denied this.

It comes as experts warn that the UK is at “substantial” risk for the third wave of Covid-19 infection. The incident on Wednesday reached its highest level since February, experts said the “strength” that the government allowed Delta variants to invade Britain was causing a surge.


Hancock facing MP

Matt Hancock is expected to face further questions about the accusation by Dominic Cummings, which will appear before the special committee on Thursday.

The Minister of Health lied to Boris Johnson about the coronavirus program and was accused by the former White House Chief of Staff of being “disastrously incompetent.”

One of Cummings’ explosive claims last month was that despite Hancock’s promise, Johnson was furious when he learned that an untested inpatient had been discharged to a long-term care facility.

Hancock then refused home tests in promising hospitals and told Commons last month that not everyone who was discharged at the start of the pandemic could be tested for social care.

He added that “his recollections” promise to provide tests to people who go from hospitals to long-term care facilities “when we can.”

At the Commons Health and Social Care Committee session on Thursday, Care Home could be the main topic of the question.

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India proposes 24-hour vaccination for economic recovery

The Indian Ministry of Finance has proposed providing national vaccinations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next few months to inoculate 700 million people with at least the first dose by September.

“The key to regaining momentum for economic recovery is to gain herd immunity as soon as possible,” he said. According to the ministry, if 80% of the population needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, the target population will be 700 million.

This meant that 9.3 million vaccinations were required per day, and the ministry proposed increasing shifts at the center and 24-hour vaccination sites.

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Rain and water logging hit vaccination drive in Indian cities

Several immunization centers in Mumbai were forced to close on Wednesday due to heavy rains and logging.

Authorities have announced that vaccination sites will be closed in some areas of the city on Thursday as a precautionary measure.

Heavy rain struck Mumbai on Wednesday, and the Indian Meteorological Department said the city would continue to receive very heavy rain spells until June 13.

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Singapore states that delta variants are the most prevalent “VOCs”

Singapore states that the first identified Covid-19 delta variant in India is the most common “concern variant” of local cases.

Singapore reported the first case of delta variant in May. Later, due to the increase in incidents, the country tightened the curb last month and imposed restrictions on social gatherings.

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India is concerned about re-vaccination demands for students heading to U.S. universities

Indian Foreign Minister Hirschwaldan Schlingla told acting U.S. Ambassador Daniel Smith about reports that Indian students taking Bharat Biotech’s Kovacin were asked to be vaccinated again by a U.S. university. He reportedly expressed concern.

Covaxin has not yet been approved by the World Health Organization.

Ambassador Smith has not given a clear response to the concerns raised as individual universities have made decisions, but sources have agreed to present India’s views. .. CNN-News18..

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Gender Gap in India’s Vaccine Drive as Men Take Jab More Than Women

In India, more men than women are vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine, demonstrating widening gender differences in vaccination activities in India.

According to Reuters analysis, nearly 17% of men are vaccinated more than women in India.

Some health officials say rumors that the vaccine disrupts women’s menstrual cycle and reduces their chances of giving birth may have helped reduce the number of women coming out to get vaccinated. I will. The government has dismissed these concerns.

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Indian State Revises Covid-19 Tolls Adds 3,951 Deaths

Bihar, India, has revised tolls from Covid-19 and states that the total number of deaths is now 9,429.

The state health department previously stated that the death toll was less than 5,500, but after verification, 3,951 were added to the number on Wednesday.

It is not yet clear when he died. Data show that the state capital, Patna, reported the highest number of deaths at 2,303.

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Good morning and nice to meet you. Independent Coronavirus pandemic coverage on Thursday, June 10, 2021

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Covid UK News Live: Matt Hancock Gives MP Evidence of Coronavirus

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