Covid Travel Change Tomorrow Sees Surge in Holiday Bookings

Announcements about Covid-19 protocols and safety measures being relaxed in many regions across the globe are a definite game-changer for the travel industry. Airline companies and accommodation booking platforms claim that holiday bookings have recorded a high increase (airline companies across the world saw an increase in bookings from 150% to 400% in January 2022).

Travelers are returning confidence to get on an airplane and small businesses and travel industry groups are rubbing their hands in glee.

Governments now introduce a variety of measures to encourage travelers. Balkan countries align with the other nations, and as the new travel normal ‘local before global’ is on its path to become ‘old’, Balkan Tours now see a notable increase in demand for holidays. Balkan countries have low restrictions and travelers who are fully vaccinated can easily visit Balkan countries (vaccine status proof or a negative test required), and the rules for those who are unvaccinated have been eased as well.

This will for sure result in enormous post-pandemic growth, and both winter and summer holidays, which are popular in the Balkans, might be back to pre-pandemic levels as soon as early fall or as late as next spring or beyond.

We should not forget that a lot of families haven’t been able to be together during the pandemic outbreak, and now we will also see a lot of family get together and expats visiting their ‘home’ again.

We look forward to having making a great comeback.

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