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Covid Scotland Updates LIVE: Incidents and News Prior to Blockade Review

Nicola Sturgeon “Hopeful” All Scottish people will have a Covid Jab by September

Nicola Sturgeon “expects” that all adults in Scotland will receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine by September.

The British government has already declared this as an ambition, and the Prime Minister said the Scottish government “will have the same aspirations broadly.”

However, she emphasized that about 4.4 million people will be vaccinated in Scotland, and whether this can be achieved will depend on the supply of vaccines.

It is understood that the Scottish Government has been vaccinated with more than 700,000 coronavirus vaccines so far.

The Prime Minister then confirmed that residents of almost all care facilities received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Asked about his September goals, Sturgeon said, “Once we have all the supplies we expect, we hope that such a timeline will be able to handle the entire adult population.

“But the warning here will always depend on supply.”

To date, a total of 264,991 Scottish people have received the first of two injections.

Sturgeon said the minister was trying to “rapidly expand” the vaccination program, as the first effort in Scotland focused on residents of nursing homes.

“There are currently thousands of vaccinations at NHS Louisa Jordan in Glasgow every day, and work is underway to establish a major vaccination site,” she said.

She said Scotland was “on track” to complete the initial vaccinations of the two highest priority groups of people by early February, so the Army’s logistical support Thank you for your support.

“This includes care home residents (I’m happy that it’s almost done already). Healthcare staff and everyone over the age of 80,” she said.

Ms. Sturgeon added that she hopes to complete the first dose of people over 70 and those who are clinically very vulnerable by mid-February-people in these groups book in late January. He said he would receive.

In addition, everyone over the age of 65 was expected to receive the first dose of the vaccine by the beginning of March.

But she added, “all this is conditional on getting the supplies we need.”

According to the latest figures, a total of 1,429 coronavirus positive tests have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

Ms. Sturgeon said she would review current coronavirus restrictions when the Scottish Cabinet met on Tuesday and that the Prime Minister would issue a statement to Holyroodhouse later that day.

“We will look at the latest data and get an idea of ​​where we are and whether we need to extend the blockade restrictions to further control the virus,” she said. ..

She added that the Scottish Government is considering whether the hotel can be used for people coming to the country from outside the UK who need to be self-quarantined on arrival.

Covid Scotland Updates LIVE: Incidents and News Prior to Blockade Review

SourceCovid Scotland Updates LIVE: Incidents and News Prior to Blockade Review

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