Covid omicron News Live: Boris Johnson urged to advise working from home, doubling the UK case for the new variant

Boris Johnson vaccinated with Covid booster vaccine at St. Thomas Hospital in London

Case Omicron More than double England After another 75 infections were detected on Friday England, 16 in Scotland, first in Wales.

Currently, there are no new confirmed instances left COVID A variant of Northern Ireland.

Doctor Jenny HarriesThe CEO of the UK National Security Agency (UKHSA) said many of the cases detected were not travel-related, suggesting that the UK is currently experiencing “small community infections.” ..

“National and regional teams are working at a pace to identify and track all close contacts in all Omicron incidents,” Dr. Harry’s said in a statement last night. “It is important for anyone with Covid-19 symptoms to undergo immediate PCR testing and isolation.”

Boris Johnson I am urged to take it homework remotelyGuidance to curb the spread of Omicron. A complete official note from the latest Emergency Science Advisory Group (Sage) meeting published on Friday states that experts say remote work is a “very relevant” way to reduce infections of new variants. Shows what you believe.

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Watch: Businessmen blame the government for “nonsense” about the treatment of Omicron

Theo Pafitis blames government “nonsense and spin” on the treatment of Omicron

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The Prime Minister warned that he would resume work at home and work on Omicron.

The Boris Johnson government recommends that the Emergency Science Advisory Group (Sage) should consider reinstating “work-at-home” guidance to address the epidemic of Covid omicron variants. ..

It will come because Professor Adam Finn, a member of the Government’s Joint Commission on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI), recommended the same. Adam Forrest..

“More people can now work from home until it becomes clearer about what will happen,” said Professor Finn. Parents..

An expert at the University of Bristol added: If it disappears in 3 weeks, it’s okay. We can all relax, but now is the time to prevent big waves. “

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An additional 75 Omicron cases were found in the UK, bringing the UK total to 150

According to the government, an additional 75 cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 have been detected in the United Kingdom.

The new infection joins the previous 29 confirmed cases of the variant known by scientists as B.1.1.529, bringing the total number in the UK to 104. In total, the United Kingdom has found 150 cases of variants.

People infected with the Omicron variant in England are currently located in the East Midlands, East England, London, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West Midlands.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said targeted tests are being conducted where positive cases are likely to be infectious.

Emily Atkinson I have a complete report:

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Covid omicron News Live: Boris Johnson urged to advise working from home, doubling the UK case for the new variant

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